will VR work properly on D50?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jr stevens, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. I would like to purchase a 18-105 Vr lens but before spending the money will the camera sense the Vr function and not choose a high iso to compensate for camera shake? the D50 DOES NOT HAVE the feature of choosing the max iso like the d200, etc so i am concerned that iot will still pick a high iso like 1600 regardless of VR or not..?
  2. The D50 (and all Nikon DSLRs) can use VR on VR lenses. You'll have the same effectiveness as you would with any other VR capable body - 1 to 4 stops extra shake resistance depending on the lens, shutter speed and focal length.
  3. VR is great, but be aware, they eat batteries.
    My shot average is about 40% less VR Vs Non VR
  4. The D50 might not be able to set a maximum iso , but you can shut the auto-iso feature off and then set the iso you want to use .
  5. The option to automagically up the ISO as a form of "digital VR" is a trick used in some P&S cameras - not to be mistaken for real lens based VR like Nikon and Canon use, or sensor-shift based like Pentax and Sony. In these systems, there are real mechanical tricks going on to eliminate camera shake.
    In short: yes, VR will work. And you'll like the 18-105, it is a very nice lens for the money.

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