Will Tri-x in Rodinal at EI 250 give noticably better results than EI 400?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by olliesteiner, May 28, 2002.

  1. I would like to experiment with developing Tri-X in Rodinal 1 + 100, and I have the data for doing this at EI 400 and also at EI 250. My question is: would there be a noticable improvement in visual quality at the lower of these two speeds? If so, what specific improvements should I expect to see at the lower rating?
  2. Shadow detail. You might be developing for a little less time and
    would then get a little less contrast and less grain. Many users of
    Tri-X use ei=250 or 200.
  3. I strongly suggest Tri-X pro in Rodinal at 1:50, 68F for 13minutes. Great negs with sharp, not too clumpy grain and wall to wall classic Tri-X tonality.

    I find Tri-X pro to be a 250 speed film to begin with, so EI 400 would technically be a push.
  4. Scott - two questions:

    1. Are you rating @ 250?
    2. Are you hand-processing or using a jobo-type machine?

    I've become somewhat leery of using continuous-agitation
    processing(ala the jobo atl series) with long exposure
    times...some fims(esp. tmax and delta, but i've a bit better luck w/
    tri-x) just don't like too mach sloshing around:)

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