Will there be a firmware upgrade for D200 to improve noise at 1,600

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  1. Do you think Nikon will ever find a firmware solution to improve the digital noise at ISO 1,600? That is my
    only gripe with this camera. The ergonomics are fantastic and so far (knock on wood) my two D200's and
    my 17-55/2.8 and 70-200/2.8VR lenses have been much more reliable and dependable than my former
    equivalent Canon 20D setup. Please Nikon, do something about this!
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    Whenever you ask whether Nikon will introduce a particular product, the only real answer is that nobody here knows.

    If you want very good high ISO results and you are happy with the D200, I would suggest looking into the Fuji S5.
  3. Everyone seems to complain about high ISO noise, but have you ever looked at the grain from 1600 speed film?
  4. Who knows? But I doubt that they're going to be able to modify the image processing pipeline that significantly with a firmware update. Is there any precedent for that? Anyway, if they can do it in firmware, you can do it in software, and likely much more effectively, as your computer is much more powerful and flexible than the D200's processor. Get NoiseNinja and you'll be way ahead of any firmware update. Or shoot RAW, where firmware noise reduction (I don't think) has any effect.
  5. I know what you mean about high ISO noice with the D200 but careful exposure really does
    make a huge difference. Trying to brighten up an under exposed, high ISO, image makes the
    noise much worse.

  6. What is wrong with my d200? My high iso pictures look great even without using noise reduction software! Using DXO software, my pictures have virtually no noise. And my pictures come out sharp with all my lenses. Any my pictures have superb colors!

    I must have a lemon!
  7. and so far (knock on wood) my two D200's and my 17-55/2.8 and 70-200/2.8VR lenses have been much more reliable and dependable than my former equivalent Canon 20D setup

    How do you figure? At least you got the "equivelant" part right ;)

    This high ISO complaining has me chuckle. Ever shot tmz3200? Fuji Press? 400asa Gold, lol. How ever did photography exist in the past!?
  8. If a change in the firmware would improve the noise level we most likely would have gotten it long time ago. The limit is most likely the sensor and readout electronics.

    Removing noise from images after the shot is better done by external software.

    So the answer is 1) as stated above - nobody knows 2) it is extremely unlikely.

    By the way - for post-processing the most significant improvement in noise removal is a lot of practice with a good software like noise ninja or neat image.
  9. I use Neat Image and I think that this is the best software for noise reduction. Of course shooting more than 600 ISO , IMO, is something I always try to avoid, exept when I am shooting documentary or sports . I also agree with Walter that reduction on PC is much better than in-camera. Reducing noise you loose information. So we better ask Sony about new sensors with better high ISO quality. PS. Why Hasselblad 3H ISO rates are 50-400 ISO only ?
  10. I believe that most of the differences between equivalent pixel count Nikon DSLRs in terms of high ISO noise is in the processing of the data. Thus a firmware or a software change would bring them close to each other. I don't think it is worth chasing an upgrade for this reason alone. Improved viewfinders, focusing systems, and sensor size are substantial things which are worth paying for.
  11. The problem, Elliot, is that you are either looking at prints or you are looking at the entire image on your monitor. Look at actual pixels! Bump up that zoom level and be unhappy!
  12. I sometimes shoot Superia 1600 to get MORE grain. I guess I need to shoot more underexposed shots with my D200 so I can retire my FM2n's. Seems some people won't be satisfied until the people in their photos look like the people in a Pixar film... ;-)
  13. Very interesting thread exploring an idea for low or no noise - shooting with the D200:
    click here
  14. mjt


    hey Dayton ...

    you know how i get my D200 to produce great high-ISO/low-noise photos?
    i set it down and pick up my S5 Pro :)

    you could use NoiseNinja (i use it for non-S5 photos) or Neat Image.

    also, check out the thread John Bald provided.

    regards, michael
  15. Elliot I use DX0 as well. And as far as I see, even if you turn off the noise reduction option, it still applies to a degree which you dont have control on it. Because when I open the same image with raw converter in Photoshop, it is much more grainy without noise reduction.

    But I really like the results I get with DXO, colors seems more deep and feels like film. My only complaint is the not so good sharpening and the lack of adjusting levels manualy. I get much better sharpening with Lightroom.

    ok this is going off topic now :)
  16. Why Hasselblad 3H ISO rates are 50-400 ISO only ?

    Could it be that the camera is geared towards the fashion/advertising industry? they got monkeys to carry everything (big strobes) around for them.
  17. It doesn't make sense to use a medium format camera for low-light hand-held stuff or action. That's why Hasselblad doesn't spend time developing algorithms for high ISO noise reduction. People who use a Hasselblad are assumed to want detail.

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