Will prices of Digital Rebel fall in the near future

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jj_adams, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Here in Canada, the prices of the kit fell from CD$1600 to CD$1500
    and the body from CD$1500 to CD$1300 (all prices before 15% sales
    taxes). This may be unique to Canada - to the bring prices somewhat
    in line with US prices.

    Here's my Dilemma: Buy a good P&S such as Canon S45 for about US$ 400
    or wait for the price of Rebel to drop to about US$ 700 - I cann't do
    both. Also, I don't know whether I could handle auto focus and
    shutter lag of a P&S.

    Currently, I have Elan II, Canon 28mm, 50mm, 85 mm and 28-105.
  2. OK, maybe I have a bit more money than you do. I have both the S40 and a 10D.

    The cameras are not even CLOSE to equal. Not even in the same leauge. Especially with the lenses that you already have.

    The "S" cameras flash is weak. Pitifully weak. Yeah, the S45 has manual control. But you can't select an aperture tighter than 8. Yeah, you can force a wide open aperture of 2.8. But the camera has a 7-21mm lens. Depth of field wide open is huge. HUGE. Image quality is night and day between the two cameras. When I am editing tiffs, I never have any doubt which camera took which image.

    BUT the "S" series is small. I can whip out the camera and take photos anywhere. I carry the camera in my pocket. I carry my dSLR in a photo bag. I never think about pulling out my S40 in a crowd. Pulling out a dSLR with a 70-200/4L attached ==> it just screams "rob me".

    As for pricing: In the US, I have seen the 1D drop in price significantly over two years. The 1Ds has not. The D60 never dropped in price through its production run, but was replaced by the 10D have not dropped in price during its first six months.

    I suspect the Rebel will not drop in the US price for awhile, (but you may catch a sale :) ) If anything, the 10D will drop in price in the spring (or be replaced by a cheaper successor camera), since the feature differences between the two cameras are CLEARLY not worth $600.
  3. I can't imagine it dropping too much anytime soon. There's no competition, and the profit margin on the camera is already pretty low. I'm guessing you'll see the price drop another $50 over the next 6 months or so, but not too much more than that.
  4. There's absolutely no reason for the price to drop. They're selling like hotcakes (at least, based upon the influx of newbie questions on these boards), and there's no competition to give them market pressure.

    Prices won't drop until a competitor introduces a competitive product (that you can buy, not some paper launch), sales drop off dramatically, or a newer & better model is released by Canon.
  5. skip the p&s and just buy the 300D/digital rebel now - you are missing good photo opps every day, and as other people stated, the price will not drop anytime soon (next 6 mos) because there is no competition out there.

    prices on the 10D will likely drop as it get's replaced.
  6. I'd wait and save to buy the 300D later.

    Happy shooting ,
  7. If you want to wait until the Rebel drops to US $700, you'll be buying your camera around Jan 1, 2005.
  8. Well, you mention that the prices have just gone down a little. That would be a strong indicator that a further drop will not be soon. However, the potential to drop is certainly there... but to $700? Only time will tell. After all, Nikon HAVE announced their cheapie D70 to compete with the Rebel.
  9. Exactly. Canada seems to be getting earlier batches of Nikon bodies, which may explain the price drop of the 300D in Canada after the announcement of Nikon's D70. I believe this is done to further encourage those potential buyers of the D300. I don't think the D70 will come out at about $800 or less...that would bring even Canon's G5 prices lower!!<BR>
    Fortunate for us, though, if this is true. Unfortunate if you currently own the 10D or 300D and are planning to resell after the Nikon D70 prices are announced.

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