Will Hassy pol 100 work with Kiev 45 prism?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by keenevision, Feb 12, 1998.

  1. Want to know if Hasselblad Polaroid 100 back can be used with a 500CM with a Kiev 45 degree prism? I understand that some prisms can't be used with this back?
  2. Unfornately the Hasselblad Polaroid 100 WILL NOT work with the Kiev 45 degrees prism. The back does not clear the top portion of the finder.


    The NPC Polaroid back fits perfectly but won't fit the 500EL and EL/M models as the camera does not offer bottom clearance (where the two claw feet for the magazine are located.)whereas the Hassy 100 back is fine.

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