Will 50mm and 70-200mm lenses be enough for a non-profit event?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by jasmine_johnson, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I'm supposed to be shooting a non-profit event this week and the only lenses I have with me are my 50mm 1.8 lens and my 70-200mm 2.8 lens. Is it terrible that I don't have my wide angle lens with me? For events I've shot in the past I've been sure to get wide shots although they don't make up the majority of the images I get as my style is such that I mostly get closer and closeup shots. I have a crop sensor camera by the way. Should I refer the job to another photographer instead? What do y'all think?
    Thanks in advance for your opinions/advice.
  2. Paid or unpaid? Inside or Outside? For a paid, inside event, shooting without any wide angle lenses would be irresponsible, IMO. For an unpaid, outside event, I would do it. Especially if there was a risk of them not finding another photographer.
  3. @Mathew inside and low pay. You're right. I will pass on it because I do feel uncomfortable with the idea even with it being a low paid gig.
  4. I you really want to do it, and the pay will cover it, then you might consider renting a lens.
  5. There is another part to this:
    I'm supposed to be shooting . . .​
    Did you commit to doing the shoot? If you did, follow Mike's suggestion and rent a wide lens.
  6. Hey JJ,
    If they are the only lens choices, I would go with the 50. At some point, try to add a 24-70 to your arsenal. If I only had one lens, it would be the 24-70. You can shoot almost anything with that lens.
    If you are doing this as a favor, just take the 50 1.8 and do the best you can. I am sure you will do a great job
  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    "inside and low pay. You're right. I will pass on it"​
    Sensible business choice and good advice.
  8. If shooting an event for you means delivering close ups, that's your personal taste and style, and choice, and should be no subject of discussion
    Generally speaking though, regardless of whether it's a free or paying event, in my experience it's inevitable you'll need to get some kind of wide angle
    'Normal' event photography includes, if not in particular consists of shooting your subjects from close by while still showing more then a facial close up, usually in small groups (2 to 5 persons) or a pair/couple of people, three quarters and/or from the waist/chest up.
    That, due to limited space, translates into having to use some kind of wide angle
    Since you're shooting with a crop camera (I assume a DSLR, which with Canon means a 1.6 crop, and with Nikon a 1.5 crop) your 50mm will be a virtual 80 or 75 mm, and you 70-200 a virtual 112-320 or 105-300mm
    All way to long to be able to, or comfortably shoot images in the the above mentioned way.
    Again, no problem if you insist on shooting and delivering pictures according to your personal taste and style.
    But perhaps, as you are taking the pictures with the intention that they are more widely usable for the non profit organization, you should consider abandoning your 'principles for the 'higher goal' and go more standard/commercial by shooting with a wide angle-ish lens.
    As you don't seem to have the intention to continue using a wide angle much in future, I would not go for the expensive option of a (usually expensive) 24-70.
    Especially for crop camera's there are quite capable 'kit-lenses' available. Maybe not the 'fastest' as far as aperture is concerned, but taking the crop factor into account with a (virtual) focal length/zoom range between around 27-85mm of similar.
    Back in the days when I used to shoot eg weddings on a (Nikon) crop camera (which I rarely did, so wasn't willing to invest big money for) I used the humble 18-55 kit lens Nikon shipped for years with it consumer DX bodies.
    Sure it did not match the performance of the 'pro' 2.8/17-55 (somewhere around US $1,500) or 2.8/24-70 (around US $1,100 and up) but for its humble price (mine cost me Eur 45 2nd hand) does quite an capable jobs/deliver sharp images nevertheless.
    Nikon (I have no experience with other brands so can't speak for those) in that respect offers quite a few of such 'cheap' but good quality kitlenses, which are plentifully 2nd hand around for quite modest prices, so that might be an option (if you're a Nikon shooter)
  9. You didn't say anything about it being at night, inside. a flash is a must, so the 70- 200 with a flash my not work well. Shoot
    with a flash and the 50 mm and hope. You really aren't prepared. A small zoom would be ideal. Even if it is for free, if doesn't matter.

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