Wild flowers and water falls near Jacksonville, FL

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  1. Appreciate if anyone can share information on locations near Jacksonville / St.
    Augustine, Fl with opportunities to photograph wild flowers and waterfalls. I
    am trying to find places that are accessible during the times of sunrise and

  2. You won't find any waterfalls in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. It's flat, flat, flat.
    won't find much in the way of waterfalls in Florida, period. You may find some runoff
    in the central part of the state ( where there are hills ), but there's not much in that
    As for wildflowers, you might try these parks:
    Amelia Island,
    Big Talbot Island,
    Anastasia State Park,
    Ravine Gardens ( in Palatka, about 30 miles south of St. Augustine )

    Here's a link you might find helpful:


    By the way, Jacksonville itself ( otherwise known as JAX ) has very little going for it - unless
    you love strip malls, and peaceful downtown solitude on a Saturday afternoon.
  3. I forgot to add: Guana State Park - along A1A heading down to Saint Augustine.

    Also, as this is Florida, wildflowers can be found almost anywhere where there isn't any
    development going on ( unfortuately, natural lands are being eaten by housing developments
    and shopping malls ).
  4. Hi Ramana,
    This is my stomping grounds and, I'm afraid Matt is right, there are no waterfalls in the JAX area. The closest you are going to find any waterfalls is up in NE Georgia by SC. For other sites for wildflowers try the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Cumberland Island National Seashore, and Jacksonville Zoo. Also this time of year there aren't a lot of wildflowers in bloom here. Contact me if you want more info.
  5. Ramana,

    Unlike Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, Florida is not well supplied with waterfalls. As far as I know, the only one is Falling Waters, in Falling Waters State Park. That waterfall only exists because it drops into a sinkhole, so it is something of a fluke.


    Falling Water Falls is around 4 hours from Jacksonville, depending on how fast and accurately you drive.

    You'll need to head to north Georgia or Alabama before you'll see any easy to visit and photograph waterfalls.
  6. Matt, Thanks for your responses. I downloaded the state parks PDF. At present, I am working in Jax and trying to do a project shooting wild flowers and waterfalls as exercise.

    Milton, Last week had been to Jax zoo, as you said, no bloom yet. I will contact you offline.

    Joshua, the FL waterfall looks interesting in the state park pictures. I will surely check it after the rains start.

    Thanks, Ramana
  7. I forgot to mention one particular place for "waterfalls" ( so to speak ) - and it's right here in
    Gainesville. Devil's Millhopper State Park. After significant rains, there's quite a bit of runoff
    into the large sinkhole here.
    By the way, are you restricted to waterfalls, or can you include rivers with rapid runs? There
    are some of those in Florida.
  8. How about throwing a cup of water in the air and catching a shot of it falling down to earth?

    What if your project were called "glaciers", or "high altitude", or "desert". Who assigns you these non-serquitur tasks and does not supply travel money to where the task can be executed? Why do you follow this nonsense assign person?

    Asking about what does not exist in Florida, nor Holland for that matter, will give no useful answers, can it, will it? Sorry that you asked!
  9. Frank,
    What are you rambling about? Your quote - "What if your project were called "glaciers", or "high altitude", or "desert". Who assigns you these non-serquitur tasks and does not supply travel money to where the task can be executed? Why do you follow this nonsense assign person?" Who said anything about a project or being assigned to a task? Maybe, just maybe, this is personal, recreational, not an "assignment". Maybe Ramana is in town on other business. Maybe Ramana isn't from this area and is asking for some help and guidance from someone that might know the local area. Attacking someone like you did serves no purpose except to show others what you are really like. I'm sorry that you felt compelled to "offer help" when you didn't have any help to offer. Looking at your other recent posts shows the same trend, negative comments and belittling people. If you don't have anything positive to say, why add the negative? Giving negative responses to legitimate questions doesn't help, can it, will it? Sorry you responded!

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