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  1. I recently got extremely lucky and picked up a Pentax 67 with the 105/2.4 lens in great condition. Someone at work was offloading most of their old film gear, so I was able to pick it up for $100. While the 105/2.4 lens is very nice. I'm interested in possibly picking up something wider as well. In 35mm, I'm more of a 28mm shooter, but also use 20, 24 and 35mm lenses. What's a good wider angle lens for 67 - maybe the 75mm f/4?
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    I really like the 55 f4 (newer version). The old version 55mm f3.5 is a BEAST. When I used to shoot 6X7 regularly I used it and my macro 135mm the most.

    The 6X7 55mm is close to a 28mm lens (in 35mm equivalence) The only lens wider is I think (??) the 45mm f4.
  3. Thanks! I'll investigate the 55mm
  4. Personally, I wouldn't touch the older 75mm f4 lens, had that years ago and didn't think much of it at all. There is a newer f2.8 version
    which is supposed to be much better. As for the 55mm f4 both mk 2 and 3 versions are very good and the Mk 1 is best avoided unless
    you like huge filter sizes. The 45mm f4 lens is also very good too. There is a 35 mm lens too but ai think it is more of a fish eye type lens.

    Enjoy your new camera, great buy at that price!
  5. Hi John-Paul,
    So far the only lens I have for the Pentax 6X7 cameras is an old 135/4 Macro. I will use it for close-up work with an adapter on my Mamiya M645 cameras because I don't have any Pentax 6X7 cameras yet. My 6X7 shooting is all done with Bronica GS-1, Mamiya RB67 and Mamiya RX67 cameras. Each company has slightly different focal lengths. My two wide angles for the Bronicas are a 65/4 and a 50/4.5. The general rule is that if you cut the 6X7 focal length in half you get the equivalent 35mm focal length. The difference is that the 6X7 format is closer to a square than the 35mm format. The 65 is a good walking around lens, similar to a 35 on 35mm. The 50 is pretty wide so it's not for every subject. For the Mamiya I have a 65 RB lens. I might eventually get a 50 RZ lens if I think it's better than any of the RB 50s. The 80mm wide angle for the Bronica GS-1 must be rare. I have boon looking on eBay for one for a long time but with no luck. Most Pentax 6X7 lenses seem very reasonably priced. They have no shutters (except for the LS models) and were simpler to make. Let us know which lens you finally get and how you like it.
  6. Oops. Make that RZ67 cameras.
  7. The Pentax 6x7cm format, 45mm f/4 is a stellar wide angle lens for me! This is about a 24mm equivalent in 35mm film format. I have the 90mm, an excellent lens, and the 75mm f/4 (old) plus some telephoto glass for the 67 bodies. Overall, the 45mm & 90mm & 165mm seem to be my most frequently used kit with others sorted in/out as needed. John-Paul, the later model 55mm units are reportedly excellent, and I would not kick one out of my bag! The 45mm just suited my needs better at the time. :)
  8. BTW - there is a Pentax 67 fisheye available if you want real wide . . . ;-)
  9. I think the fisheye is a bit much... I'll have to investigate the 45mm, 55mm and 75mm lenses. Maybe I can even find as good a deal as what I bought the camera for, but doubtful, haha
  10. The much overlooked 55-100mm zoom for the 67 has come down in price recently. It is as sharp as the wide primes. I use it in conjunction with the 45mm; a good combination. This zoom has f/32 DOF in case you are interested in landscape work. The other wides only go to f/22 (with the exception of the 75 shift).
  11. Could Pentax 6x7 users tell me if the latest version PH-SA lens hood (for the 67 55mm f4 lens) will fit the previous version 6x7 55mm f4 lens? The PH-SA hood seems to have the same bayonet clamps as the previous version hood, but it looks thicker than the previous hood.
    I need the hood for the previous version Pentax-6x7 55mm f4 lens, recently purchased (s/n 8459xxx).
  12. As I know it: And within mms, not exact.
    Conversion to > 35mm
    105mm>Approx 50mm

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