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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by francisco_prieto, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. What would be the better options (maximum quality) wide angle lens for my 8x10"
    camera. It will have to be mounted on a Linhof lensplate. Thanks.
  2. cxc


    Super Symmar XL 110mm.
  3. Wouldn't the 110mm be a bit insanely wide? I don't know of anyone who shoots with a 55mm on 4X5.
  4. 165 F 6.8 Angulon. They are underated and underpriced especially compared to the prices being paid for WA Dagors these days. They are also easier to focus because they are 1/2 stop brighter.
    Art Nichols
  5. 150 SS XL
  6. cxc


    Edward, I shoot the SSXL 110mm on 8x10. Occasionally. Yes it is really wide. I shoot 65mm on 4x5, 47mm on 6x10, and, when I still had a 35mm, I shot a 12mm. And a Widelux.

    I've shot my 4x5 pinhole with a 25mm-equivalent hole. You get a circle that occupies about half of the rectangle. Generally with the entire tripod in the image.

    Yes, these are all extremely wide. I list them because some people are curious about the outer limits of what will work. These work.

  7. Difficult to give anything approaching a definitive answer without knowing wht sort of
    shooting is goning to be done.<p><p>Actually, the 110 Super Symer XL is a good
    choice (and there are a lot of folk who shoot with lenses wider than 65 mm on 4x5) as
    long as your camera can handle the lens. I use one on my Philips Compact II but
    there is virtually no movement available.
  8. Christopher, I am glad you enjoy shooting with your ultra wides. I have thought about shooting 8X10 and picking up a lens that would double as a moderately long lens for 4X5 and moderately wide on 8X10. I keep coming back to either 240mm or 210mm. I think I would prefer the 240mm because it is similar to the 127mm I already use on 4X5 and it seems as if there are more affordable choices. As for 35mm format references I don't care for anything wider than a 24mm lens.
  9. Francisco

    I hade very good results with the Nikkor 120sw. Even tho' it had ungenerous movments it covered the entire frame, was sharp and bright and well built. I sold it, regretted that now am about to get another one.

  10. Francisco,

    The 165mm Super Angulon and 155mm Grandagon if you've got the $$$ and your camera can take the wieght(these are BIG lenses) and the 159mm Yellow Dot f9.5 WA Wollensak for much less $$ and bulk if you're on a budget. None of these lenses offer much movement. For a more moderate Wide Angle, a Schneider G-Claron is very attractive. I have a 240mm and the more I stop down, the bigger the image area and more movements become available. Very sharp. Very affordable.
  11. For an inexpensive wide angle that will cover 8x10, the 159mm f12.5 WA Wollensak with the yellow dot works very well. Coverage is good, with limited movements. The Alphax shutter is heavy, but very sturdy.

    For the $300 I paid, there's not much else that delivers a quality image.

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