Wide angle for Shen hao with 6x17 back

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  1. Guys,
    I'm about to order a Shen Hao and I am thinking about getting a
    Nikon 90mm f8 for landscape with it. I understood that normally for
    4x5 it is best to use a recessed lens panel for wide angle lenses
    (including the 90mm), to allow for some movements to stay available.

    However, I will also be using the 6x17 panoramic back. This back
    sets the film plane back with almost 2" I believe. Does this mean
    that the lens needs to be even further back to keep infinite focus?
    How about the movements available?
    Do I still need a recessed panel with a 6x17 back? Will I have full
    movement with the recessed panel and the back, or will I be limited?
  2. If you can, dig up the View Camera Sept.-Oct. 2004 issue. Kerry Thalmann tells you all you
    need to know about lenses that will work with your camera.

    As I understand Kerry's article -- and if anyone catches an error here, please chime in and
    correct it -- you have to determine the minimum extension of your camera (it looks as if
    that's 55mm for the Shen Hao) and then add 38mm to account for the back. For your Shen
    Hao that would add up to 93mm as a minimum extension. If the lens you want to buy has
    a flange focal distance (FFD) greater than that mimimum extension then you're OK. If it's
    less than that, it's not going to work.

    Kerry's article (by the way, thanks a lot, Kerry. it was a big help) has a table of lenses with
    flange focal information. He lists the Nikon SW F8 with an FFD of 97. It also has an image
    circle of 235mm which is comfortably more than the 177mm Kerry lists as the absolute
    minimum. So if I'm right, the f8 90mm Nikon should work without a recessed lens panel.

    Good luck and enjoy the back. I like mine.

  3. read this

  4. get the bag bellows if you want to keep your sanity. Yes, you can fold this camera up with
    the bag bellows attached. The dealer may tell you otherwise.
  5. lwg


    Yes, with my 90mm and the 6x17 back on the Shen-Hao I needed to move to a recessed lensboard. I got the $75 Shen-Hao board from Badger and it works well enough. It is a pain to operate the lens controls however.

    I never felt I needed the recessed board before I got the 6x17 back. I also rarely used the bag bellows.
  6. Hmm, I got the bag bellows as well. Badger said I didn't really need the recessed panel with a bag bellows, but I got it anyway

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