wi fi solutions for wedding photographers

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  1. can anyone help us with file transfer on the go ? is it possible to download to a laptop or tablet via wi fi whilst still shooting a wedding
  2. It seems possible to adapt 16GB SD WIFI cards to CF and run them in your 5D IIs. I assume you need a dedicated software to collect all and especially additional photos from these. Open questions:
    How unreliable are such connections? - Cramping a miniaturized TRX with integrated bad antenna into the metal chassis of a DSLR seems not ideal to use the most likely unspectacular power of the device efficiently.
    Which impact has sending your images on the writing speed of the camera?
    How sluggish is the connection?
    Researching the transfer norm used by the cards might give some hints.
    Personally I wouldn't invest into the technology yet, when established portrait shooters still stick to wired tethering for reliability's sake.
    Considering that the cards are meant to connect to photographers' smart phones, I can imagine that you might need to carry the receiving Tablet / Notebook pretty close to the camera.
  3. yes it is possible. Doing it has two parts, one is equipment specific. For instance Nikon has an app can connect phone or tablet to some of their new cameras. Others need one of several accessories. You don't say what you have so I will move on to the other main issues.

    Why do you want to do it? I have experience using wireless transfer, and may be able to help you think it through.
  4. It could be interesting to have some of the photographs available for guests to look at during the reception, including pictures from the reception.

    I don't know if that is what the OP is asking about, though.

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