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Discussion in 'Minox' started by kam__, Feb 23, 1999.

  1. I am confused, why there are to PX27 replacement kits for Minox ?
    Can I buy any one of them and use it in my EC ?
  2. Kam, good question. The two PX27 replacement power packs from Minox is not interchangeable; the one for Minox 35mm cameras consists of a threaded holder and two 3 v lithium batteries, the power pack for 8x11 cameras consists of a holder and four 1.5 v silver oxide button cells.
    The dimension and contacts of these two power packs are different. When you mail order , make sure to specify the right one for your camera.
  3. Why can they simply make only one replacement gadget with the exact dimension of
    PX27, so it can be used in small Minox and the big Minox cameras, as if it is a PX27 ?
  4. Bob, the battery pack for 8x11 has about the same dimension as the original PX27, but
    I doubt it can be used in Minox 35mm series camera. Minox engineer must have tried out all kinds of battery combination to find the best one suitable for use
    in Minox 35 series, as different battery has differernt internal resistance, too low an internal resistance may generate too high a current for Minox 35mm camera, if the internal resistance is too high, then
    the current may not be enough to drive the shutter. So either use 5.6V PX27, OR
    the specified replacement pack with 2x 3v lithium batteries. Any others use at your own risk ! You may toast you the shutter.
    I don't even want to try !

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