why send the camera togheter wit the lens if only the lens need to be fixed?

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  1. Hi all,
    I have recently bought a zeiss FE 50 f2.8 to be used on my hasselblad 203 FE, soon after I discovered that the diaphragm does not close
    (not when I fire the shuter nor if i use the DOF lever). I bought it to the italian repair center and he asked to leave the camera body too.
    Some days later he called me on the phone to tell me that the lens need to be sent to hasselblad and they asked to have the camera
    body too. I asked the reason and he explained me that even if the lens can be fixed without the camera body it is better to fix it togheter
    so that they can fine tuning it better with (due to the tolerance of the lens and the camera). Obviously this should be done only if the lens
    is used on a specific camera body. What do you think about? It is a routine procedure?
  2. it is better to fix it togheter so that they can fine tuning it better​
    It may not be necessary for a diaphragm repair; but, if your usage meets the conditions stated, it sounds quite reasonable to me.
  3. Here in the U.S. David Odess also requested once from me to send him the body and the lens together. In my case a 503CW where the winder on the body was not winding smoothly.
    Diego, qui negli Stati Uniti David Odess chiede anche lui di mandare il corpo insieme con l'obiettivo, tutti due. Questa fu la mia esperienza.
  4. Yes, this is a normal procedure sometimes.
  5. SOP for a long long time
  6. Thank you all for your prompt reply. Dani thank you fo answering in italian too, your italian is very good.
  7. Only SOP when it would make sense. To repair the diaphragm in the 50 mm lens they do not need the camera body.<br>When in doubt, ask them why they need the camera too, and also what effect that will have on your bill (i.e. what - possibly unrelated and unnecessary - work they plan to do on the body). I certainly would ask for an explanation myself.
  8. I agree with Q.G. De Bakker. The aperture can be repaired regardless of which camera body it will later fit and does not
    need to be 'tuned' to the body, from your description the lens aperture has a fault. But it is sometimes possible that the
    body has a problem that appears to be a lens fault, the drive mechanism might run at the wrong speed. This is probably
    the reason they have requested the body.
  9. I already asked and the answew is that this way thy can fine tune withour the tolerance. The first repairman (the italian authorized repair
    center) when i brought the lens asked to bring the camera too because with this kind of camera body it is better this way. Then, when he
    called me to say the lens need to be sent to hasselblad he told me they asked the body too. The answer to my question was what i told
    above. Anyway I am leaving (april) for a trip and I think that have the camera checked is not a bad idea, also because last summer I
    slipped on slippery rocks and fallen on my back with the backpack on my shoulder, the camera was inside and even if well padded the
    shock as been quite strong because the shutter fired and remained open (I asked to the tecnician and he told this is not a problem,
    probably the first curtain open with the shock but after the reset with the double exposure procedure all went ok). The plastick bayonet a
    rear lens cap broke with the shock, can you imagin? Since then the camera worked ok, who say that 200 serie is so unreliable an fragile?
    well, I don't want to speak too loud ;-) you know? I asked also to fix the led that enlighten the little display, I hope they don't charge it too
    much (but I'm ready for the worst).
  10. Diego,
    Here is my experience with my various focal plane Hasselblad.
    I live roughly 1 1/2 hr drive form Hasselblad, so for to go directly, its a pleasure to meet the actual folks.
    I tend to lug along all of my associated gear in the event that they do ask for it.
    In my dealings only one or twice had the Hasselblad technician asked for my camera body.
    That was for a 110mmF2.0 and 150mmF2.8 CLA. He asked which camera i had & it was my first 2000FCM.
    He didn't really need it, but did mentioned that no spare parts were available then (electronic board & shutter curtain)
    They do have test cameras to test it if the need arises, but majority of the time, they do not need the actual associated camera.
    Unless I had an issue with any of my bodies, they prefer not to take to check out the lens to be repair in my case.
    If I had my body on me while visiting, they do a quick check to see if its up to spec and if so, they give it back to me.
    Never had any issues with the repair dept.

    It might differ with your shop, so I would call directly as you did to inquire.

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