Why Minox 110S camera light sensor has a hood ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, Feb 12, 2000.

  1. At the front of Minox 110S, at the side of the lens, there is another lens with a 'lens hood', what is it for ? Why the hood ?
  2. Yes, the Minox 110S has a meter sensor quite diiferent from similar sensor on other cameras.
    <p> The Minox 110S camera has a lens focus the light on a CdS sensor inside the camera.
    the meter condensor is about 7mm in diameter, with an interesting 'lens hood' to narrow its angle of view to match that of the camera lens.
    <p> This meter hood is pecular is a 8mm slanted cylinder, with the top part longer than the bottom part, like a tube cut not straight down, but slanted inward.
    <p> Apparently this top protruding meter hood is designed to conteract the bright sky, like people using a hand holding over their eyes to block off bright light from above.
    <p> Minox 110S was lunched at Photokina in 1974.
    <p> That is an evidence that in early 70s, Minox had already incorporated buffer and biased hood technique in light meter sensor design.

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