Why isn't there a true digital Minox?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by Troll, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. The Minox DSC silver has a internal rechargeble battery, which inot sold separately

    Recharge by using a 110v charger which came with the camera package

    When charging a LED AT the charging end of the camera lits up , if the internal battery charge is low
    the led is in red, when fully charged, the led turns green

    When using the Minox DSC silver to take picture, first insert a micro SD card, view thru the view finder to frame picture

    then press the left top buttun the turn on the camera, press the button at right to take picture

    Press the left bottom button the turn of the camera

    My Minox DSC silver photos at flickr
    DSC Silver
  2. When I first knew about Minox, I thought they were only used by CIA spies.
    (That might be from watching too many spy movies.)

    And, presumably, priced at what the CIA would pay for them.

    Also, it seems that the market for infra-red film was based on government
    purchases, and when spies stopped using it, Kodak stopped making it.

    About 30 years ago, I saw on for sale at a garage sale, along with its
    tripod. I bought the tripod, but not the camera. I didn't have any idea
    where I would get film, and wasn't interested in a camera that I couldn't use.
  3. Minox was my first cam in late 60s. I'd digital like one too.
  4. My Minox DSC leica m3 14MP is dead

    Minox DSC silver 5MP is still alive

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