Why is my web site slow?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by mgk1966, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm having some problems with my web site, www.kuehlphoto.com. For most people, the home page and galleries take only 2-10
    seconds to open. But for some, including me, it can take over 30 seconds just to load the static home page, from a system where
    everything else opens fine. Is there anybody that might have some insight as to why this is? Thanks very much in advance.

  2. Well, for starters, that main image on the home page is over 300kb. That's truly not necessary for an image that's only about 800x400 pixels. Especially that image, since it isn't filled, edge-to-edge, with fine detail. When you re-render that JPG, try a slightly more agressive JPG compression value. I'll bet you could get that down to, say 100kb, and it would still look just fine.
  3. That central image is huge: "2,000px × 1,000px (scaled to 761px × 380px)".
    Don't use the browser to scale images, especially the big ones that set the tone for the page.
    It's going to be slow, and likely won't look as good as if you hand-tuned the sharpness, compression, etc.
    Another trick: always include the height and width attributes. Most browsers will use that to do the page layout/rendering while the image(s) are loading.
    My landing-page is a pretty good contrast: http://moving-target-photos.com/
    The page itself (with all the included files like CSS, javascript, and the initial image in the slide-show) is about 100K, and the subsequent slides load in the background, so they don't slow down the user's ability to see the rest of the site.
  4. Thanks. I will adjust the image sizes. Sounds like that should help.
  5. I just had a qucik look and the gallery i clicked on loaded pretty fast. But still, you have a lot of images in some, such as wedding favourites, that will take time to load on slower connections. I'd consider resizeing to 600px on longest length, which would increase load time a lot as currently they are over 800px.

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