Why doesn't Travis have a hero icon?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by preston_merchant, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Is there anyone who deserves a hero icon more than Travis? How do we
    vote him in? Is there a selection committee? Will anyone second my
  2. Yup, I'm the first seconder.
  3. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    A hero icon? He should be publishing a book! I agree, Travis is definitely a "Hero" here.
  4. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    The icon comes from the number of postings. This isn't necessarily a great criterion, but otherwise there would be endless fights about the voting system.

    If you want to complain anyway, do it on the Site Feedback forum, because that's where you will get a response.
  5. Good call Preston.
  6. What's the number of postings? Because I can think of a couple of people who have some thousand or two thousand-odd postings who don't have that icon.
  7. I have 1500 postings and no hero icon, and definitely don't want one- unless the icon really is all about 1000 postings. Travis seems like a good contributor though...
  8. Some have "only" a few hundred postings:


    But get an icon. I guess it's up to a committee of one: BM.
  9. Or even less than 200 postings.


    Several factors must be involved.
  10. Obviously there's some gray area to getting an icon:

  11. I agree wrt Travis. What about this guy?:


    Ralph Barker
  12. I just checked. Travis has 2,933 postings as of this moment, and his bullshit content is ZERO. As they say, his signal to noise ratio is very good. Top quality fellow.

    Most of what I write is BS, however this group is a very entertaining crowd.
  13. http://www.photo.net/shared/community-member?user_id=325604

    I vote for that guy.

    Maybe Vic you and I could get a "hot air hero" icon!
  14. Ralph Barker, Albert Smith (best biker chick pics!). Both these gentlemen have posted valuable lens comparisons and technique advice.
  15. James, yes, the hot air icon should be a balloon.

    There should also be a 'Kristian Dowling' icon, the KD, for those who constantly get out of Leica with gusto, only to get back in with the zeal of a religious convert. Patrick (Washington, DC) and Paul Neuthaler are the 2003 frontrunners for this award.
  16. here, here - hero icon to travis. and ralph baker.
  17. i want a red dot icon
    <img src="http://www.nuevafotografia.com/articles/leica.gif">Grant
  18. I think Travis is very much an integral part of what makes this
    forum what it is. And as such must play a part in attracting new
    subscribers. It's ridiculous that he doesn't have one.

  19. Travis gets my vote for a Hero icon.
  20. why isn't this done the real American way, i.e. pay for the Icon! ;-)

    Like lobbying congress/the administration, just raise your yearly contribution from $25 to $100!
  21. The "hero" icon is a mystery to everyone and seems to create more problems than it solves. Nothing like making people believe that there is a class war going on.
    As far as I have ever known, the icon wasn't a "number of posts" thing. But rather a "nominated" type of thing. Mine appeared after I started doing moderation and editorial duties around here. The icon matters little to me. If I'm going to be "recognized" I'd rather have a little timer showing the number of hours I have spent writing and doing "unseen" work.
    But as far as Travis goes, if he feels it's important, he surely deserves one. Travis, drop me some e-mail.
  22. wasn't travis the progenitor of the NW's concept??
  23. How about asking the Queen to designate him a "Sir". Actually Travis has some of the best ideas here and is generally very supportive.
  24. wasn't travis the progenitor of the NW's concept??
    Travis does a lot of good around here but we must give credit where credit is due.
  25. Lutz Konermann came up with this a while back:<P><IMG SRC="http://www.konermann.net/leica.hero.gif">
  26. I'll add my vote towards giving Travis his richly deserved Hero Icon.
  27. good memory josh!! in that case, can you transfer todd's icon to travis?? (<;!!!
  28. Can anyone believe that this man has no icon:


    Philip Greenspun, the originator of it all.
  30. m_.


    Skully: That's the most important.

    Not knowing too much of the history with "hero" thing, I'd also vote for Travis who is kind and supportive that deserves everything photo.net can offer.
  31. I like how he never gets int flame wars, tries to keep the peace, and doesn't talk about gear too much. I like the above mentioned: signal to noise ratio.
  32. Go, trav. For his photos alone, he's a hero.
  33. Vote:Yes.

    If anybody deserves it, it's Travis.
  34. Man,

    For the love of God! I wish you guys would learn how to use html for links! Cut-paste-cut-paste-cut-paste pphphphphphhtttt!!! Crikey!

    Or perhaps some "smarter" forum software.

  35. AH..thx Preston and guys for the nod.;)

    But seriously, I am just happy to hang around here. I don't contribute to technical infos, politics and the history of photography of any sorts. I don't know much about photographers too. I don't read much basically ;)

    I try to do what I think is fun for me here and hopefully what I think would be fun for you guys. Basically Im trying to fit in! As long as you are happy, Im happy. ;>

    I think we are all heroes one way or the other. Attaching an icon should/will not change me or you or anyone wrt how we act here. We are just who we are. I just hope that Phil Kneen would leave me alone though.;)

    Ralph Barker is a hero to me with or without an icon. It's who you see as your hero that's important.

    But hey, if Josh's gonna give it to me, I'll take it. But I'll still be me though....a non tech, poor-read guy with too much time sometimes ;)

    cheers to all!
  36. I think we should hold a photo contest of some sort and only one person walks away with the 'hero' icon. All the other, lesser forum participants would bow down before the 'hero' lest their own photography be savagely mocked and ridiculed.

    Screw this egaltarian, grading-on-a-curve nonsense. Mano-a-mano photo combat, winner take all!
  37. But seriously....
    Travis, if the 'hero' icon means anything, then you should have one. You have a self-deprecating sense of humor, an immediately recognizable photographic style, you're open minded and you wear your heart on your sleeve. And, unlike some of the official 'heroes' on the forum, you always manage to keep your ego in check. Mazel Tov on your quest for hero status.
  38. hero worship is alive and well here. maybe that's why Leicas are bought? HCB et al.
  39. I will be most happy to give my Hero Icon to Travis. He deserves it far more than I do!
  40. They hurt you at home and they hit you at school<br>
    They hate you if your clever and they despise a fool<br>
    Till you're so fooking crazy you can't follow their rules<br>
    A working class hero is something to be<br>
    (David Bowie)
  41. manu, that verse is John Lennon's, not Bowie's.
  42. Arghl! Of course...<br>
    I believe Bowie did a cover of that song though. (?)
  43. Could be a cover... they were pals.
  44. Tin Machine, Bowie's band with Reeves Gabrels (of Glenn Branca connections, I think) and the Sales bros. (sons of Soupy), covered Lennon's "Working Class Hero". FYI.
  45. Please add my vote to the list.
  46. I come late ;-)

    I vote for Travis

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