Why do YOU shoot with your camera tethered?

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  1. Hey,
    I have read a couple of articles on the pros and cons of shooting while tethered to your computer. I was wondering for those of you who actually shoot while tethered or have tried it, why do YOU do it? Are there real world practicalities to doing this? (Again I know why theoretically it could e helpful, just wondering what people who actually do it say???)
  2. Two reasons. One, it's easier to pick up small missed details on a larger image than one in the viewfinder or on the LED. Two, it's easier to collaborate with others--subject, model, art director, client--on a shoot when the final output has to please finicky people other than you.
  3. I use tethered shooting in the studio for a couple of features: 1) instant, full screen review of the image just captured with zoom to check critical focus. 2) LiveView remote focus allows me to focus much more critically than I can by eye through the viewfinder.
    Since I seldom have clients in the studio while I'm shooting, Charles' collaboration advantage is lost on me, but I'm sure it will be very helpful when/if I have someone looking over my shoulder.
  4. It is the only way the Phase One back works...
  5. As above, focus and details overlooked in the heat of battle. Todays was a strap protruding from a blouse. Photoshop to the rescue, and more time in post.
  6. "It is the only way the Phase One back works..."
  7. When shooting in the studio, mostly beauty I can zoom on the model’s make-up, hair and clothing looking for small problems and have the ability to show the MUA/Hair Stylist/Clothing Stylist of a problem or problems that they can fix before I start shooting. Since my DSLR camera can capture a single strand of hair, I cannot see it in the camera's view finder or the camera's LCD panel. Even when shooting clothing the camera can capture a single thread hanging from the clothing. These problems I would have to be fixed in PS. So I am looking to fixed my problems before I press the shutter button and not have them fix them later myself.
    When I tethered I have the photos download into Lightroom and processed quickly for me to review. I shoot with Canon and the have included software to make remote shooting very easy and Lightroom can automatically imported photos and process them. It makes for a low touch solution for my.
    When I happy what I am seeing in the photos, I stop tethering. I once did a photoshoot while tethered and everyone, MUA/Hair Stylist/Clothing Stylist and others where watching the compter's LCD screen as a new photo was being displayed when they all should be watching me and my model while I was shooting.
  8. I work with art directors and they want to have input while we shoot and they want to know that we have the final shot that they envisioned. We also have to fit the image to a layout which may include space for copy or require a non-standard crop. Usually we use an acetate overlay that has the layout and position that over the image on the computer screen to insure that everything fits properly.
  9. We use a digital Phase One (H20) on a Hasselblad camera, and the back only functions when tethered...
  10. B/c Brooks told me to! Oh, and it's easier than taking time to switch SD cards, and clients can see the results as they are happening.
  11. I think it's perfect in the studio, use Capture one so you can see both the image and histogram on screen at the same time, and as mentioned earlier, you see details you can not see the display, set the screen right so the model get a feeling for how her poses will work if she Inexperienced.

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