Why Did Photo.net Go To The Dogs?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by dragoslav, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Wogears said:

    1x.com appears to require that each picture have a "gimmick" to get published. Oversaturated color, intense stares, etc.

    The 1X is just huge. With a little effort you can find a lot of simplistic and strong monochromes, no colour, no gimmicks, just perfect.Or you can find whatever you're looking for. Cheers, Vlad.
  2. I'm not sure I see photos as ever really standing on their own. They are seen within a context, perhaps in a book, or a gallery, side-by-side with other photos or art, maybe alone but then lit by a certain light and framed within a certain frame, printed on a particular kind of paper or seen on a particular kind of monitor. A title is part of that context, one over which either a publisher or the photographer himself has control. A title can do anything from exert great influence to create a joke or mystery to drive a viewer to distraction, much like other things in the photo's environment. They are sometimes important tools with which to communicate/express and sometimes not.

    The OP is wrong to insist that a lack of title is somehow a flaw.

    Titles aren't good or bad per se. They are good or bad depending on the title and its relationship to the photo it accompanies.
  3. Titles can give context. Took an event shot at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony followed by a laser light show. Turned to see a reflection of the laser light in the glasses of an 18th century Santa behind me. Loved the Avedony contradiction. An 80 foot round trip bouncd flash created short lighting. Submitted to a PPA competition with the title An 18 Century Santa watching a 21st Century laser light show. That context took it from best in class to best in show per the judges. It became on of the 10 best images of the year. Some times context matters. It can also reveal what was the specific inspiration for the shot for the maker beyond making a pretty picture.

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