Why can't I post original photo files to my website?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by barnaby_harding|1, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hi! I have a website (my personal domain) that has a gallery function. Disappontingly, it only accepts the upload of JPEGs and it changes the quality so the colours look washed out. Is it just my hosting company that is affecting this, or do I need to save from Lightroom with particular settings to optimise my photos for the web?
    Please help!
  2. Barnaby, I was right where you are about a month ago. I finally got my website up and running by following the steps in R C Concepcion's book, Get Your Photography on the Web. I'm sure there are thousands of ways to do this and the purists will chuckle at my website, but Concepcion's book helped me through the workflow. I'm a photographer, not a webmaster, so I have to spend my time with photography. Take a look www.bobsfineartphotography.com and see what you think. Good luck with your project.
  3. If you're not doing so already, you should export the images in sRGB format for web use.
  4. Hi!
    Thanks for the replies. I am exporting in sRGB format and 100% quality. Once uploaded to the website's gallery area, the software seems to compress them or do something weird to reduce the quality. I will read the webpage you posted the link to and see what I can suss out!
  5. You didn't put a link to the Website or gallery. Is the gallery function part of a template or application on the Website host? If you have the Website, create a folder where you can put and display images from the gallery (it doesn't have to be known or linked) and compare the color with the gallery (typing in the URL to the individual image). You can also create a Web page to replace the gallery (I use self-created templates).
  6. JPEG rewriting, if that's what's going on, actually does more harm when you post highest quality JPEG. If you give us the URL, perhaps we could diagnose and suggest a solution.
  7. Hi!
    The gallery is part of an application on the host's system. You log in and create a gallery and the software allows you to choose and upload the pictures. I am guessing that if I build a proper website then it wouldn't be a problem, but I would like the gallery function to work - it's useful!
    I will create a new album for test purposes and post the link back soon.
    Cheers for the help so far.
  8. Doesn't your host provide support for these applications?
  9. Does your host provide ftp access (direct or through an application)? If not, think about finding another host as you'll be restricted to their file/image uploader and can't see your directory.
  10. Even after preparing a jpeg properly before uploading, there can be problems.
    I'm not a web designer, but have basic html and css coding skills. The only way I know to ensure a jpeg will be displayed without any modifications (in size, sharpening, etc.) in a web page is to hand code it by specifying the jpeg's original pixel dimensions.
    On the contrary, templates and online galleries typically do modify uploaded jpegs (in size, sharpening, etc.), and don't have a disable option.

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