Why are my pictures blurry

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  1. I recently got a new cannon dslr I have been using Pentax for years and still use it. But when I take the card out of the cannon and put it
    into my Pentax the pics are blurry. Why is this? The cannon takes good pics but my Pentax does alot more editing and better quality
    editing so I like to use the Pentax for editing.
  2. You should not put a card from one camera into another. There is nice free software such as Picasa which can edit pictures from (almost) all cameras.
  3. I'm a little confused: are you using the Pentax camera to edit image files from your Canon camera? Why would you do this? The Pentax camera, while certainly able to read JPG image files, is not an image editing tool. I would recommend you use your computer or a photo shop kiosk to edit your images.
  4. I have a expensive photo shop on my computer but don't like using it. It takes more time than I got. My Pentax is high end
    and does alot of very cool editing. What I do is hand off the card to the customer when I'm done shooting and it's hooked
    to my iPad and edited right there the way they want it. So I was hoping I could use the cannon also. My question was just
    simply a question out of curiosity.
  5. If you do your editing on the iPad why are you putting the card from your Canon in the Pentax camera?
  6. No the i pad is used simply as a bigger screen for there viewing still use editing from Pentax.
  7. Just to make sure I understand correctly, your a professional photographer who up until recently used a Pentax camera for your work and did basic editing in camera before uploading your images to your iPad for further editing with you client there giving input. Now you have a Canon dSLR and have been using it for image capture and then putting the SD card into the Pentax for your pre-iPad editing.
    I agree with Les, you shouldn't be swapping cameras with your memory cards like you are. Every camera maker has their own formatting that often isn't compatible with other companies cameras. Why the images are blurry is a mystery to me. Do the images seem blurry on a monitor? Or is it just on the Canon's screen?
    I can't see the in-camera editing being faster or better than what you can do with Photoshop. Seems to me you just need to spend some time learning to use your software. If Photoshop seems too complicated then maybe you should use a simpler program as Les stated.
    What sort of images do you sell? What specifically are the editing tasks that you rather do in camera than on a computer?
  8. Sorry, didn't see Rob's question till after I posted. So you don't do any editing other than on the Pentax normally?
  9. I would guess that the photos are blurry because the Canon includes multiple thumbnails, one full size and one reduced size, and the Pentax is pulling up the small one instead of the full size one. Just a guess.
    I agree with everyone else -- the workflow is goofy at best.
  10. Welcome to photo net Misty. Hope you stay around and get all the help you need regards miken
  11. Ok first of all I am not and have not stated I am a pro photographer. I do this for fun and make a little money on the side
    cause I have a full time job. I do senior pics and some small business pics for advertising and an occasional wedding and
    I did go to school many years ago for it but am not by no means a pro. I give them the card after I edit it and its done. I
    don't make them buy packages or pics they pay me for my time and the card is all. And you can say it's goofy but I don't
    care it's how I do it and once again the iPad is only being used as a large screen for them to view them on cause its pic
    quality is amazing. And I simply asked cause I have 2 Pentax camera and I switch cards between them and it's fine. So I
    know nothing about cannons cause I haven't used one since we used film lol. I only got it cause it was an amazing deal
    and thought my daughter could learn on it is all. And I am smart enough to use photo shop just don't like it. It is very time
    consuming and as I stated above I have a full time job also and thank you Mike!
  12. Remember that cards do fail.
    If you are doing this for money, even on the side, I would hate to think what would happen if you are shooting a wedding and the card that you are doing the editing on fails. Or if the client loses their card and asks for a replacement card (which will happen)?
    If I was you, I would seriously considering looking at a real workflow that includes backups. It is not difficult and there are other tools out there that are easier to use than Photoshop.
  13. I think Mark Sirota has nailed it. This link describes the standard EXIF format, which contains a small thumbnail. A Pentax camera would understand EXIF; even if it couldn't parse the Canon-specific full image, it could display the thumbnail.
  14. In other words, the Pentax simply isn't going to recognize the Canon JPEG. So you either continue to use your Pentax or develop a different workflow for the Canon. For what it's worth, I see this all the time. We have different shooters and you simply can't take the memory card out of one camera, put it into a different brand of camera, hit play and expect to see the image. Memory cards should be formatted in the camera that will be using them and you should try to avoid unnecessary swapping of cards between cameras even if formatting the card each time.
  15. You're simply asking for problems to mix two different camera platforms.
    You don't have to use Photoshop, but you need something other than doing it this way.
    The Pentax is not going to play well with cards formatted for the Canon (NOT "cannon" which is a big gun), or vice versa and I suspect Mark does have the problem at least in his sights.
    I'm thinking that if this is how you want to work, you should have bought another higher-end Pentax. It's another matter altogether to swap between two of the same brand of camera, although even that can sometimes cause problems.
  16. Maybe the algorithms in computer terms is totally incompatible so the resolution of the pentax is lower therefore causing a downgrade of the image which results in pixel stretching causing blur.
  17. Thanks to all that was helpful even though most of ya wanted to criticize instead of just answering the question. I will just
    let my daughter have this camera. I have 2 Pentax and am more than happy with them.
  18. Can't find any criticism in this thread, just good solid advice.
  19. This is the craziest workflow I have ever come across. Who edits their pics in-camera? And to top it off uses a camera from a different manufacturer. When I read the question I honestly thought someone was pulling our leg and making fun of us. I am still not convinced that's not the case.
  20. "Who edits their pics in-camera?"​
    First of all, this is the beginner forum. Expectations are different and we ask for as much patience as you can muster. If the question seems odd or doesn't interest you, it's okay if you don't want to reply.
    That said...
    Lots of P&S and some mirrorless cameras offer in-camera, post-exposure editing. Nothing unusual. Manufacturers added it because some folks like it.
    It just makes an extra copy of the photo on the media card. It doesn't overwrite the original raw or JPEG. Not sure about the video modes, haven't tried mine much.
    I've used those in-camera, post-shot editing tools only a couple of times, but I can see how it would be handy for printing straight from the camera or media card at an event with a portable printer, or at a DIY kiosk soon after an event. Some DIY kiosks may have a sluggish or non-intuitive interface, so if you're familiar with your camera's internal post-shot editing features it may actually go more quickly.
  21. I recently got a new cannon dslr I have been using Pentax for years and still use it. But when I take the card out of the cannon and put it into my Pentax the pics are blurry.
    I have never been able to take an SD card that is formatted by my Pentax K100D and put it into another brand digital camera without that said camera forcing an initialization routine which basically wipes the data clean.
    You are stating that your Canon images written to its Canon formatted SD card are showing up blurry when inserting the Canon SD card into your Pentax digital camera and viewing them from the Pentax camera's small LCD preview system.
    If this is what you've indicated I'm surprised you're even seeing an image. What you've indicated doesn't make sense.
  22. BTW, Misty, my Nikon V1 can read the SD media cards from my Ricoh P&S digicam and show the thumbnail photos, but can't actually do any editing of the Ricoh files. That older Ricoh P&S can't read my Nikon V1 photos.
    JPEGs are fairly standard so I can see why some camera brands may be able to show the thumbnails for photos taken with other brands. I'd be surprised if my Nikon could read the Ricoh DNG raw files, but there's no way to test that in the camera since it reads only the embedded JPEG version.
    If you can transfer the photos from the media cards (or directly from the cameras) to your iPad, that may be the easiest way to edit them.
  23. Thank you lex I guess you were the only one reading my post saying I am not a pro and that the camera was purchased
    cause I got it 50% off and I thought it would b good for my 16 year old daughter to learn on. And yes lex the Pentax does
    amazing editing and I like it. And obviously some people like it cause I've been called back to do senior pics for 2 years in
    a row. The question came to me cause my daughter took pics and said mom I want you to make it black n white but leave
    the red in. Well the higher end cannon wouldn't do it so I put the card in my Pentax to do it. And pics showed up blurry. So
    I asked I guess what was a stupid question to most. But hey I'm not a pro with digital photography yet and bet that they
    also had some stupidity when they started so thank you again lex for not criticizing and being helpful. And Les obviously
    you just skipped the messages where I was called lazy and stupid and a sloppy photographer. This is my hobby not my
    living so people get a life. It was just a simple question.
  24. Yes Tim it shows up but is slightly blurred and to answer the other guys question yes the Pentax megapixels are 24 and
    the cannon is 18. And lex I transfer them to a USB and iPad before I give the cards to customers. Apple has amazing
    products that pretty much make anything possible. And actually alot of my customers are amazed with the pic quality on it
    and ask where to buy one. And to the one asking what I'm gonna do if a cards bad or they want a new one well I carry
    several at all times an don't worry I have a brother that is a lawyer so I cover my but and have contracts for all customers
    to sign stating that they viewed the pics and was happy and I give them full copywrite to the pics and there is plenty of
    other stuff in there that covers me. And even so I don't screw anyone over I will redo them if they want.
  25. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    "This is my hobby not my living so people get a life. It was just a simple question."
    Just as much as Mr Lex seems to have “intervened” and has mentioned generally that this is a beginners' forum and also has underscored that there is indeed in camera editing available and some people (includig himself) – and I’ll mention that I also me too - and also my daughter - have used these functions of camera editing . . .
    On the other side of the coin: it is probably time for you to drop all the side banter, too.
    Just my opinion on one way as to how to win friends and influence people . . .
    BTW the probable reason why some folk assumed you were a "professional photographer" was because you wrote:
    "What I do is hand off the card to the ‘customer when I'm done shooting and it's hooked to my iPad and edited right there the way they want it. So I was hoping I could use the cannon also.”
    And from that point it would be easy for most people to understand why comments were made about what unusual practice this would be, for most “Professional Photographers”.
    So I hope that explains a few points of why things might have been interpreted, as they were.
  26. Well obviously I'm asking a question on a beginner sight so thats clue number one that I'm not a pro. Cause I make
    money on the side dose not make me a pro. And rude people shouldn't even look at this sight if they are just gonna b
    disrespectful. Obviously if the sight removed 3 of the comments then it just wasnt me that thought they were being
    disrespectful. After all I'm not shooting for playboy or Victoria secret or famous models. I like how I do it and I'm gonna
    continue to do it how I do it. I wasn't asking for my style to b Critiqued or to b insulted. Was just asking a question that I
    thought an experienced person could answer. But thank you to the few that helped and I'm done with this sight seems to
    b hard to get a nice answer on here.
  27. People are trying to help you, Misty - it's clear enough that you're not a pro, but you're being overly sensitive to reactions to what is a peculiar way of doing things.
    Even as a beginner I imagine that you know how to use Google, and I'm willing to bet my next month's salary that you won't find a workflow like yours recommended by any credible source; so some degree of skepticism about what you're doing is understandable.
    But if you stick with the thread, you'll come out of it a whole lot better informed than when you came in...
  28. For the record: this thread started in the Canon EOS forum and was moved to Beginners. This does not excuse poor attitudes or snarky responses.
    Also: I was generally confused by the question and initial reply and did not intend any disrespect.
    [[and to answer the other guys question yes the Pentax megapixels are 24 and the cannon is 18.]]
    I consider myself fairly current in digital camera news, so, I guess I'm wondering how I missed Pentax releasing a 24MP camera. Near as I can tell, Pentax's DSLR's are 16MP whereas their 645D is 40MP.
  29. Misty - I don't see anyone who was rude or who insulted you. What you received was straight and direct advice. People took time out of their day to try to help you - no one is attacking or insulting you.
    Also you misread my comment about cards going bad. I know that you have multiple cards but if the pictures you just took of a wedding is only sitting on one single card, and that card goes bad, then all of the wedding pictures are lost. Also I know that you say that this is only a hobby but once you start collecting money, you are a professional. Plain and simple.
    Regardless, I wish you the best.
  30. Misty's editing jpegs using the in-camera features doesn't sound like a bad workflow option considering the improvements in camera technologies in more modern models like improved Picture styles, Nikon's EXPEED and D-Lighting and other image rendering features.
    Futzing around with my own 6 year old Pentax K100D's in-camera editing features like sepia B&W wasn't too bad but the weak link there of course is the inaccurate color of its LCD preview where the images look great but when viewed on my calibrated display are a big disappointment requiring lots of editing in Photoshop.
    Not sure what Misty and her customers are seeing on their own electronic image viewing devices of Senior pics but obviously there's no complaints as she's indicated. Just don't know if prints are going to come out right. Maybe since color management has been around for at least ten years and fully made aware of online, these digital imaging device manufacturers maybe finally settling on an agreed color appearance standard for how digital RGB images should be rendered on their devices.
  31. Futzing around with my own 6 year old Pentax K100D's in-camera editing features like sepia B&W wasn't too bad but the weak link there of course is the inaccurate color of its LCD preview where the images look great but when viewed on my calibrated display are a big disappointment requiring lots of editing in Photoshop..​
    I'd also expect (just a hunch) that the Pentax in-camera PP options are tailored to get the best out of Pentax files, not Canon images.
  32. Hi Misty. Please try to exercise a little patience with the responses, as Mr. Goldberg said, we really are just trying to help. Unfortunately, the issue you're experiencing isn't due to a malfunction but rather a fundamental flaw in technique that may seem obvious to those of us who have been doing this for years but not so obvious to you... or you wouldn't have asked the question.

    Most of us here accept that the processing of a photograph is much more time-consuming than the actual taking of it. For every photo that makes it to the hands of a client or into a frame, several hours may have been invested in it's processing using a computer and dedicated editing software. It's perfectly acceptable if you don't have that time to invest but that comes with its consequences, some of which you've realized.

    The only solution to the issues you've described is to use a dedicated editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Picasa, Gimp, or even the software that should have come with your camera (Canon Digital Photo Professional on the Canon Digital Solutions disc) to edit the photos taken with your Canon. As others have mentioned, your memory card should always be formatted for the camera it's being used in. This formatting will overwrite all other data on the card, including photos and files created by other cameras.
  33. Misty .. thats a cool portfolio pic.. why not post up some of your work for us to savour ? regards miken
  34. Misty, don't let the negative comments drive you off. With so many members on this site it's bound to happen. Just try to keep in mind, it's not typical, and the good info you get here far outweighs the negative stuff.
  35. > Don't let the negative comments drive you off.

    What negative comments? I only saw one short comment that could possibly be construed as negative.
  36. Because this thread has drifted from discussing the original question to commenting on other people's commenting, I'm going to close this thread. Not an ideal solution but the alternative would be to delete or edit all of the digressions and risk irritating everyone who'd taken the time to offer suggestions.
    If the original poster has additional questions please feel free to start a new discussion thread.

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