Why am I not listed as a subscriber?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by robert goldstein, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. I recently went through the subscription process and contributed $25
    to photo.net, but I am still listed as not subscribing. What gives?

  2. I can't help, but in case Brian is reading this, you might say when and how you subscribed (PayPal or mail). That might help him track things down.
  3. Check the Photo.net subscriptions page, as it has information on how long it can take for your payment to be processed:


    If you subscribed using snail mail, it can take quite a while for your subscription to be activated.
  4. I subscribed several days ago using PayPal. The page referenced makes no mention of the time delay to being registered as a subscriber.
  5. There is normally no delay for subscriptions taken out via PayPal.

    Brian's the only one in position to deal with subscription issues, so hopefully he'll see this and check into it.
  6. If it helps, I sent my subscription check via snail mail, on the 15th of November and I'm still waiting:)
  7. I sent $50.00 by snail mail on October 19, specifying a one year membership, and still haven't been activiated.
  8. "There is normally no delay for subscriptions taken out via PayPal."
    I subscribed via PayPal about a year ago. As I recall, I received an automated e-mail reply acknowledging my payment the same day, but it took several days for the subscriber icon to appear next to my name. Still, that's a pretty fast turnaround time compared to subscriptions submitted via snail mail.
  9. i subscribed (under the name quichelorraine) and paid by money order. it took forever (3 months) for them to go to the post office (???) where the MO was immediately capable of giving them cash. duh, maybe they only care about adverising money generated by number of hits? PayPal has some problems and some folks don't want to use it. Bottom line...they just don't care how long you have to wait. they got my last 25 bucks.
  10. Thomas and/or John, did they cash your check? I want to subscribe
    but try to avoid Paypal.
  11. As of last bank notice, it hadn't cleared.
  12. My honest advice is to use PayPal when possible. The chances of problems, while clearly not zero, are significantly lower than subscribing via mail.
  13. I'm not too worried but PayPal has too bad of a record to be used.

    Why can't you guys use plastic the way other online stores do where you enter your credit card info and it's a done deal?

    Just paid for my WinZip program online in that fashion and I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, Powell's, B&H and a bunch of other online stores that don't use PayPal without problems. Something to be considered, considering the number of paid memberships you guys must have.
  14. As I understand it, it is both cheaper and easier (for photo.net) to use PayPal than utilize a merchant account. When one person has to do everything, adding more administrative tasks is something best avoided.
  15. The "my way or the highway" attitude toward subscriptions is odious. PN is a business and the way they "dis" people who won't pay by PayPal, which is convenient for them but may not be for subscribers, is a form of contempt. "my way or the highway" is not a good business attitude in my humble opinion. the administration is quick to make excuses and whine. Not getting any mo mo from me. Be contemptuous if you want, PN administration, but don't expect people to like you for it. Or contribute in the future.
  16. brian has been sick this week. sorry for the long turn around time.
  17. Bill,

    I haven't seen where the payment for my subscription has gone thru yet.

    My main concern is that the money is properly processed and ends up where it was intended. It really doesn't bother me if it does take three months to get "subscribed" as long as the the site gets the money.

    Photo.net is a jewel. As far as I know there's nothing else like it on the 'net. It's been invaluable to me in my little pursuit of art thru photography, my little hobby.

    I understand it's staffed by many volunteers. Given that and the incredible quality of this COMMUNITY I'm not going to hold the "elves" to the "highest business standards" in every area. Especially when it's well known how understaffed they are. On the whole they seem to do a wonderful job.

    My initial contribution to this thread wasn't meant as a complaint. Just statement of fact and an inquiry so that anything that needed knowing got known. :) Now I know. 'Nuff said.
  18. Robert, Claudia, Thomas and John, Take a chill pill for pete's sake!! What's the big rush? PN is notroriously slow in processing subscription fees, it's part of their charm. You are all looking like a bunch of spoiled brats. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
  19. Hey, Tim, chill yourself. I don't believe that asking a simple administrative question
    amounts to acting like a spoiled brat. I'd hate to be one of your kids.

  20. Robert, it sounds like you are a spoiled brat, it is possible that you are not. Don't feel bad though, you had some company.
  21. Yeah, photo.net has a rotten business attitude. I don't mess with PayPal so I sent in a check on January 3 and here it is April 17 and they still have not renewed my membership nor have they returned my check. Now I have this little notice in my mailbox that my subscription has "expired"?

    Photo.net seems to have forgotten that I am the customer and THEY want my money. Ain't no way, folks! Your attitude of "our way or the highway" don't cut the mustard. There are other good photo sites online.

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