Whould you get D600 if you have NEX7 ?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by frank_skomial, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. While I was about to get the D800, arrival of D600 confused me.
    I use D300S, D700, and Nex7 with Sony and Nikkor lenses (via an adapter).
    Since NEX is not a sport camera, and D600 is perhaps not a sport camera either, I think I will skip the D600.
    After using NEX-5N, then NEX7, I came to maybe sounding radical conclusion that more pixels is better, if you need them, and take advantage of them for certain type of pictures.
    The D600 and NEX7 have perhaps the same or similar 24 MP sensor.
    Nikkor lenses work well on NEX7 with a mount adapter, and electronic support for manual focus lenses built into the NEX7.
    NEX7 + a Nikkor lens + mount adapter < less weight than Nikon D600 DSLR + a Nikkor lens.
  2. For me should the question be: Would you get a D600 when you got a D700->answer NO
  3. Frank the D600 is full frame and the NEX7 isn't, the NEX7 is more comparable to the D3200 than the D600. The NEX7 is a good camera by all accounts but it won't be as good as a D600 or D800 full frame camera used with decent lenses and good technique.
  4. While the megapixel count is the same between the D600 and NEX7, that appears to be about the only similarity. They are different overall sizes with the NEX7 being APS-C and the D600 being FX.
    The DXOMark #s are here:
    When it comes to IQ, especially low light IQ, the D600 appears to have the advantage (by about 2 stops). But that is not the only difference - both color and dynamic ranges are improved with the D600.
  5. Megapixels don't correlate to the same camera any more than horsepower correlates to the same car, and you shouldn't use it to lump two products into the same consideration. Both a Ford Mustang and a Ford F-350 diesel pickup have 400 horsepower, so would you therefore say that they're similar vehicles? In the same vein, even though the D600 and NEX-7 are both 24 megapixel, they are wholly different cameras. The D600 is a full frame DSLR that uses your Nikon F-mount lenses, has phase-detect autofocus for tracking motion, etc. The NEX-7 is a crop-sensor mirrorless camera. I use mirrorless cameras alongside my D200 as well, but I don't consider using my mirrorless camera when I want to use my Nikon lenses. Using the mirrorless camera means that I lose EXIF, lose autofocus, lose auto-stopdown, etc. I'd say that the D600, while not being a dedicated sports camera, can probably "impersonate" one pretty well. Consider that when my D200 was new, many people that weren't willing to spend $5,000 on a D2 were buying it to use for sports. The D600 has a better AF system than my D200's, and can handle a decent framerate with a decent buffer. It isn't going to overshadow the D3 or D4, but it can do fine for many people's needs. Really, I think you need to go back to the drawing board and really decide what it is that you want from the camera before considering a purchase. You have the D300s and D700, so you can do your own full frame vs APS comparison.
  6. No, I would not buy another camera.
  7. I think Hans is right.... The D700 is closer to the D600 than the Sony camera.
    In my case I have a D50, D300, D700 and V1........ I won't buy a D600 or D800.
  8. Thank you for your invaluable advices.
    Chasing new camera purchases nearly every other year or so, got me sort of tired.
    I need some cure for the NAS...:)
  9. While it is preposterous for me or anyone to tell you what to get, you did ask so here goes and I don't mean to be snarky. It all depends on the type of imaging you do. If, like me, you're a "nature-landscape detail freak who'd really rather be using a view camera," you NEED a D800 or D800E though a D600 might suffice. If you take photos of your family and on vacations, you've already got too many cameras. If you are a street shooter and like to have a camera with you always, the NEX clearly is the one for you. In summary, unless you need that D800, you're probably better off where you are, and next time, please tell us what you're going to use this new tool for, what you're going to do with it! Without that information, it's even more impossible to advise you. Good luck and have fun with what you've got... or get a new camera, it's your money.
  10. Would you say that a 100 pound gymnast is the same or similar to a 225 pound football player? The light gathering surface of the D600's
    sensor is 2.25 times larger than that of the NEX-7 sensor.

    The NEX is a great camera. I spent a weekend testing one out. But a full frame DSLR will have many advantages. More controls. More
    operating modes. More AF modes. More flash options. Better high ISO performance. Greater lens selection choices. Probably a larger

    The full frame will also have some disadvantages. Size and portability, for example, and frame rate.

    They're very different cameras. Choose based on your own needs.
  11. if you're shooting sports with a d700 right now, the only thing that makes more sense is a D4.
  12. Get Rid of the NEX7 and never let anyone know you ever had it. Dump all your nikon Stuff and get a..............Sorry out of time.
  13. What do you plan to shoot with a D600 or D800? How would you expect them to be better than what you already have?

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