Who's still using their original digital rebel(300d)?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bob_himmelright, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. I am, who else?
  2. Bob,
    EXIF dates that at 12th July 2005, surely you have more recent stuff?
    Anyway, I never had a Rebel but I do still use my original 1D at a measily 4.1 MP.
    Take care, Scott.
  3. not a great one, but this is the latest shot I've taken....the camera hasn't been exercised in a while now.
  4. Sold mine a few years ago, but I'm still printing the files.
  5. Its was my first DSLR, at first I did not know I could adjust the ISO ( I think the control was in down in some menu ) so I shot everything at ISO 100 for about the first year or so.
  6. My old 300D is now my wife's camera, and still going strong. I even still have my first SLR, a Rebel G, but haven't used it in several years...
  7. It was my first DSLR. The shutter dead in 2006, Canon replaced it for 135 USD. Currently use it mainly for lenses test.
  8. It seems to me that the camera has given you lots of pleasure over the years. Aren't you glad you took the plunge way back when? The time may very well come when you'll want something else. When you take THAT plunge, I hope that camera serves you even better and gives you many more great pictures
    My best wishes to you.
  9. Mom has mine. The pictures she takes with it she uses as guides in her painting.
    It’s still a surprisingly impressive camera, even if it can’t hold a candle to my 5DII. I’d pick it over any P&S any day. Even the kit lens is “not that bad.”
  10. This was my first DSLR. I still have mine, use it rarely though. The shutter button has become somewhat non-responsive. Also must admit, I enjoyed the camera a lot.
  11. Mine went to my brother when my 30D became the backup and the DRebel became redundant.
    He uses it almost every day in his work, and it keeps shooting on, and on
  12. My 300 was also my first DSLR. Now my daughter is enjoying her first forays into photography with it. Let's hope it lasts
  13. I'm still using my 20D from 2005. Had the shutter replaced and have no plans of getting rid of it, but I do think I'm going to get one of the new T2i bodies when they come out.
  14. Yep still using mine with a 70-200 attached. It was my first dSLR though my appetite had been re-awakened by a dodgy Agfa effort which came bundled with a PC back in the '90s.
    The 300D was (and is) a class act.
  15. Okay not a 300 but I still have two 350 bodies. They have been "promoted" to one passport camera and the other one laying in the car for "just in case something happened (journalism) and I need a photo".
    They were my first Dslr's. Now 1Ds and 50D are the money makers.
  16. I am still using it. I bought it around 2004 and did not really use it for the first year. After about six months of using the kit lens, I bought an 24-70 F2.8 and bolted it on as my normal lens. I originally bought the camera to do product photos for two history books. Years of delay in research was a pain in the butt but I am now doing the shots. One way to make the camera do bigger images is to utilize it for photo stitched panoramas. I love doing large view panos. However, I do not print larger than 11" on the short length side. So I end up doing a 11 x 35 on 12 x 36 paper at Costco. The longest printed pano I had custom done at Moonphoto in Seattle was about 9.5 x 50. The pano limitation on size was due to the largest mat sheet being 60". So the max size could only be 56" on the length. Also the frame materials have limited length too. Flexing can be an issue so I used Plexiglas instead of glass. The last addition is a 50mm F1.4 but have not shot with it yet. I also have a Canon 10D that is IR converted. That one has noise issues I have yet to resolve but have gotten some interesting stuff for Black and White images. Am currently doing hardware and software upgrades to 64 bit for larger photo stitching. CHEERS...

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