Who to send it to?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by michael_bradtke, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I have a 135mm f/2 DC lens that has had the misfortune of taking a
    hard whack.

    Short version of the story...It was in my backpack when some one
    moved it and knocked it against the edge of a door jam. ( I did not
    kill them) Apparently the door jam met with the 135 in a not so
    friendly way.

    It hit hard enough to put a ding in the sliding lens shade. The ding
    was big enough to lock the lens shade in place. I was able to
    straiten out the ding enough to be able to use the shade again.

    Now my big concern is I am seeing more CA then I did before. So I
    would like to get the lens checked out and repaired if there are any
    elements that are out of line.
    So who do I send it to? Nikon because it is a DC lens? Or some one

    Sorry I should have said I am in Centrel Florida USA...my bad

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...
  2. Thanks Guy

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