Who should be crying?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by wedding-photography-denver, May 25, 2004.

  1. Last w/end I shot a wedding in which I think the groom was crying. When have you seen this? (this post comes under the 'strange but true' category).
  2. Don't know if you saw the Royal wedding between the Australian girl and the Danish prince, but he was crying during that - and he will one day lead a country!
  3. Yep, happened here. Some guy's get very emotional and I wonder as photographers what our responsibilties are to those grooms as far as what to record and what not. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Hell, I well up every time the Bride starts down the aisle with her dad.

    My wife thinks it is because I never had any daughters... just two ungrateful sons who
    never call me except to get something. It's enough to make anyone cry.

    ; -)
  5. Marc, thats really funny. I have genuinely suffered from this before! It's especially bad when I go to a job after a massive row with her indoors and I get all friggin guilty!! By the way, sorry I have'nt replied to your last e.mail, I will do so tomorrow.
  6. Marc, I never suspected that those were tears! I thought that they were beads of sweat from wearing that black outfit in the hot sun at the wedding in Miami, FL. while schlepping around that huge Hasselblad AND your Leica M7. Live and learn.
  7. Al, Marc's promoting new business for the camelback drink system for use by overworked photographers. Blad, 2 M's Camelback with 2 litres of coolaid and there's pockets in it for yer film or perhaps in Marc's case, his CF cards!
  8. jbs


    "Who should be crying?" This is the 21st century Michael, men are allowed to cry when they get emotional. Did the bride cry too? My goodness kinda old fashioned ain'tcha....;)....J
  9. Hi Jay, thanks for chiming in.

    I was just a little surprised by this one as he is quite a mans man (without being too oldfashioned and whereas you would expect a brides father to cry now and then, I don't see many grooms do so. Do you?
  10. jbs


    Yes, I think it's the "the bigger they are the harder they fall" thing....;)....J
  11. My husband cried at our wedding..... Hmmm.... Maybe that was a sign considering it's a second marriage for both of us!

    I have to admit, I've been to several weddings over the past few years where the groom was teary-eyed. Can't say what the difference is from the past, except that maybe it's becoming common (and acceptable) for men to show their emotions more?
  12. My husband cried at our wedding last August. 53 and a retired colonel too! I'll add that I've seen guys cry many many times.
    Macho guys are the worst ;-)
  13. I must admit that usually I'm impressed by the comments made on photo.net, but some of the comments on this thread are truly disappointing. Jay, I'm with you--this is the 21st century. Men crying is not something to mock, regardless of whether or not he's a "man's man." It should be appreciated--it shows that he's emotionally moved and cares about his bride and their relationship. Shouldn't that be celebrated? Let's get past the damaging gender stereotypes. Everyone cries, even men.
  14. I'm with you on this one, Jena. Crying is not "falling", it's transcendent... t

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