Who has Kodachorme images to share?

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  1. Reports on this forum indicate most people who want to have been able to purchase K-64 at one of the mail order stores. Who has been shooting the stuff? I shot a couple rolls while on vacation last month. As a long time user, I got just what I expected. It gives you the greens of winter, makes you think all the worlds a hazy day, oh yeah. Part of this is because the California coast where I was shooting is foggy in the morning and hazy in the afternoon.Part of this is the unique pallet of Kodachrome that includes bright reds, subdued greens, and cyanish skies.
    I'd like to hear from other users, especially new users. What do you think? If you have any images to share, send me a link and I'll post it at: http://ronald.andrews.googlepages.com/kodachrome
  2. not a first time user, but i have a couple hundred posted from my trip to israel, i shuffle through them when i have a chance and post them here.
  3. I have quite a lot - I'm just trying to arrange access to a reasonable scanner.
    Agree about the 'greens of winter' and cyanish skies - the greens are very muted. With a polariser set to maximum, the sky takes on an almost blue-grey cast which is still very appealing. Deep, sculptural shadows - or impossibly blocked up, if you mess up the exposure. I often wonder whether the perception of Kodachrome giving vibrant reds and yellows is mainly due to the muted greens and blues, rather than to any particular vibrancy in the other colours. They do pop though, whatever the reason. It's a beautiful look.
  4. Ron, i've been shooting this film for less then a year. i found out about it thanks to KR Project and this forum.
    i have two galleries on my website done with Kodachrome - http://kostyanakazny.com/light_kr64/light_kodachrome.htm . this one is a work in progress and kind of random at this point. i'm planing to update it until KR is still processed and hopefully make something coherent out of it.
    http://kostyanakazny.com/county_fair/county_fair.htm - this one is a finished project with a poem.
    if you decide to post the links on your website please, let me know you did.
  5. Randall,
    Thanks of the heads up. Someone has been messing with my monitor calibration. Here's a better (but not ideal) version. I've also been having problems with the green channel on my scanner. The green sky is not on the slide.
  6. cant hotlink as the images are too high of a resolution for proper viewing on pnet (which i dont think would resize them) but here are few that i like. If you view the rest of the gallery, images not marked A through F or something are either digital or velvia50.
  7. a couple more...
  8. Hi Ron, I am a pretty new shooter to K64, I've always found it very accurate which I liked. Especially green, brown, but never saw a pic that showed really a really bad color until the photo you posted. No offense, I hope you have known me long enough from here to or the L forum to accept that.
    I have a few photos you are free to use if you want, nothing full rez, as scanned, but no links. You'll have to take the pics and create your own links to them.
    You have not seen this one, but the greens are the most spot on I have ever seen from any film.
  9. The greens in that last picture show exactly why I like Kodachrome. I'm unsure how much of this is subjective, but the greens of the Ektachrome emulsions always look a bit, well, acidic by comparison.
  10. double post, please remove
  11. Ron
    I came across Kodachrome not long time ago and I was hooked. Too bad to see it going. I would be happy to get more to shoot before Dwayne's ends processing next year. I posted some Kodachrome shots on Niikon Wednesday Pic, here are couples of shots from Kra Al Maru, Kuwait.
  12. Second shot
  13. Dwayne's Photo does a great job with processing film, but in my experience so far, their scans suck. I've shot 3 rolls of Kodachrome, and the slides look absolutely beautiful. The colors were very accurate with good saturation. But I had them scan a roll to a CD one time and I was very dissappointed. It looked nothing like the slides and just looked awful. I had to spend some time editing the pictures to get them to look halfway decent. But I still couldn't get them to look anywhere near as good as the slides.
    So just keep in mind that some pictures displayed here from Kodachrome might not look anything like the slides. Especially if you had Dwayne's Photo scan them. They do a good job with developing film (very clean, with no scratches or spots) and their prints seem to be okay...but I wasn't happy at all with their scans. I have a few that turned out fair with some editing, but I was still disappointed.
    I've been going to a local photo lab that does a great job with developing film, scanning, and making prints. They said they can also scan Kodachrome slides, so I might try taking some of them there to get scanned. When I get a chance, I'll post some.
  14. Chris, the doggie pic was scanned by me with a CS9000. I don't know how it looks on your monitor. To me the green/white/browns are spot on. I spent a lot of time with the three of those.
    Could you post a an example of the fail that you see from the Dwayne's scans? I've found from scanning old E-6 in 120 and 35mm, if I didn't do the job when I pushed the shutter, scanning was iffy. That's from playing with the CS9000 for 2 months, I scanned exactly what I saw on teh light table. While the 9k may not be "pro" level, it seems to be bullet proof as far as WYSIWYG goes, light table to scan.
    This another example that of K64 scanned on the CS9000. The slide and scan look pretty much alike.
  15. Hi Ron,
    I have a new blog up on my site, I put your site up as a link under blogs. I re-did my whole site actually, new content, a slide show on the home page. Here is the blog:

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