Who can you trust to CLA a Hasselblad CF lens in Canada?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by vick_ko, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Who can you trust to CLA a 250mm Hasselblad CF lens in Canada?
    I would prefer not to send it across the border.
    The lens fires properly on a 203FE, but on a 501cm, when I press the shutter, the lens only closes down. Only when I slightly release the shutter button, does the shutter actually re-open and complete its cycle.
    Anyone else familiar with this problem?
  2. Can't help you with a technician in Canada but I will suggest that the problem is with your 501CM body, not the lens. If it works on the 203fe it should work on any correctly functioning body. I have a 501CM body that the auxillary shutter doesn't close until I start to wind the camera. That is not the lens fault. Do you have any other bodies to try the lens on?
  3. People like this guy:
  4. Yep, Gary is right.
    Heard good things about David Yau in Toronto.

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