Who can identify this camera?

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  1. Last week I asked a question about Shen Hao lens boards. I didn't get any responses...probably because my question was predicated on a faulty assumption. Here's round 2.

    About 20 or so years ago I bough a 4x5 field camera on eBay. It was listed as a Shen Hao, but it turns out that that is apparently incorrect. It has no manufacturer's information, except for what may be on a sticker written in Chinese (I think). I'm perfectly happy with the camera; it was cheap, it holds my lens and my film holders, and it focuses. But I am curious about what it is. Does anyone here recognize it? Or, read Chinese? :)




  2. Dustin McAmera

    Dustin McAmera Yorkshire, mostly on film.

    Yes, that's Chinese. Using a character dictionary, I get the top two characters as (hope this displays correctly!)
    Guan long: it translates as Crown Dragon. Any googling you do will be complicated by the fact that they named a new dinosaur Guanlong.

    The second line is


    which Google says is 'Photographic Equipment Company Material Factory', which sounds right.

    I got a search result at Google Books, which lets you see an index page with an entry for Guan Long Photographic Supply Company:
    the book is 'Zooming In: Histories of Photography in China' by Wu Hung, Reaktion Books, 2016.

    Good luck!
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  3. Thanks, Dustin

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