Who can identify the film stock used in the pictures?

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  1. Hey folks.

    Is there anyone who can identify the film stock used in the pictures below? I guess it's something like Kodak Gold or even Royal.

    I love the vibrant colors and the contrast. Who knows?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 02.46.31.JPG

    Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 02.46.15.JPG

    Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-16 um 02.46.06.JPG
  2. Terrific photos, but I have no idea about the stock. It's quite difficult to pick these things. I'm guessing that it's Fuji slide film. Not Velvia 50 but maybe Velvia 100?
  3. If it is a lab print then perhaps there are markings in back such as lab name and date printed?

    If inkjet prints then there would be far too many other variables to even guess.
  4. Nobody can tell you what film was used - if it was film - from a digital reproduction. Digital manipulation can make any image source look like any other image source.

    Colour negative film is very flexible in how it can be printed or scanned. I used to use it for that very reason. Because it doesn't limit you to a particular colour balance or saturation.

    If you have the negatives/originals then you can just look at the edge markings. And if they're not your images, then you shouldn't be posting them here.

    They look like published "fashion" shots to me. Why not email their author? She/he is the only person who can tell you for sure how they were shot.
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  5. Yeah guys, you are right. There is surely a retouch and color correction added to the pictures. But still.. if you have any ideas which color negative they may have used, would be great to know. <3
  6. James G. Dainis

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    High contrast and vivid colors = Kodak Ektar. That used to be one of my favorite color negative films.

    Kodak Ektar 100 Film Review
  7. How about date, location, lab or inkjet?
  8. We don't even know if these are scans of original prints, slide scans, copied from the internet or what.

    They could have been digitally shot for all anyone here knows.
  9. I used a brand of Agfa film, in the 90's , that gave me pinkish skin tones. This reminds me of it.
  10. So far, we've had guesses at Agfa, Kodak or Fuji. Anyone going to chip in with Konica, Adox or Ferrania? Maybe a Leaf back on a 'blad?

    Like I said; an impossible task unless the OP reveals the origin of those images. My guess is they were skimmed off the internet. If we knew where, then that might be a clue.

    Edit: Good ole Google found the images. They're from a Mercedes-Benz ad campaign and definitely shouldn't have been posted here without permission.

    Write to Mercedes Sandy.
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