white dots in the sky??

Discussion in 'Nature' started by henryberkins, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. here we go again.......

    ok soo, was out shooting today with my hassy, D50 as a light meter.

    the usual setup for something to happen to the sensor. of course.

    so i dunno, but the photogods were in my favour today and granted me sharp
    digital images. hopefully the 6x6's turned out the same.

    but i got white spots(like white dust) in the sky..

    anyone know what they are? blown pixels?

    yuck, time for a new camera?

    thanks *sigh*

  2. Arrrghhh! Dust bunnies! Time to clean the sensor.....
  3. is the white dots dust? i knew the black stuff was, but i didnt know it could be white.
  4. Dust always generates white spots. You're getting black spots, too?
  5. yah, here
  6. "Dust always generates white spots."

    Not true. When printing with a negative and enlarger, yes.
  7. Chris,

    The spots in the uncropped image are consistent with dust on the sensor. Dust will always leave dark spots, since the digital image is positive.

    It's hard to say what caused the white spots. That would occur if there were dust on a negative which was scanned. This is not consistent with your claim this is a digital image, unless the image is inverted. Bad pixels are sharply defined, not irregular like the spots shown.
  8. Sorry, Chris, I knew it was digital, but was thinking scanned negative.
  9. there are a number of them in the sky, like ALOT of tiny white spots, hardly noticable, and they vary from picture to picture, unlike dust which is constant.

    very stange
  10. Can you clarify? You're seeing white spots AND black spots on the same frame, taken with a
    digital camera?
  11. yes, there are some large black spots, obviously dust, and tiny white spots spattered all over the sky. ill include a photo.

    also the white flecks are inconsistent, being in different places in different images. which rules out dust because it stays in the same place.

    poor D50, think i just pushed it too hard, time for a pro model.
  12. and yes, taken with a nikon D50.
  13. oh, just read my question over, sorry, it sounds like theree were white dots on the 6x6's, no it was on the D50 digital images, i take my shot on the hassy, then i take a digital shot so i can post it on my website/send to friends.
  14. I don't think they're blown or stuck pixels. They look more like some sort of JPEG
    compression artifacts. What was your ISO, and at what quality level were they shot? Also, did
    you do any post processing? If so, what?
  15. iso 200, RAW+jpg fine, dont do any post processing, other than the odd crop, but not in this case, i like having maximum IQ.
  16. sorry, meant to say RAW+jpg basic, you guys got the jpg basic, just checked the RAW file, yes, the same white spots.

    dunno if that helps. this was a backlit scene, was using one of nikons worst zooms(bear with me, on a student budget, dont have money for fancy equipment) maybe that had something to do with it?

    maybe some sort of weird flare?
  17. How long was the exposure?
  18. "How long was the exposure?"

    Fast enough to freeze wind-borne sand?
  19. im not sure, but im pretty sure around the 320 mark, there was no sand, just snow on the ground, all sand was covered by it, and it cant be snow because some of the spots are way to big to be snow.
  20. Possibly "spatter" of some sort, residue from cleaning sensor with an air can perhaps? - little fluid spots concentrate the light like a magnifying glass, hence white not black artifacts
  21. dont think so, could be inside the lens, but as much as i feel ashamed for saying this, i hardly ever clean my lens. this is quite the mystery, havent been out shooting lately, but maybe tommorow ill go and see if the same thing happens.

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