White contrast lines on pictures...

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  1. I just bought for a few Euro a vintage Tamron lens for my Sony A7. 35 mm 2.8.
    Because I had very good results with my new Phenix 50mm lens, I bought this Tamron lens, which should be very reasonable in results.
    But after several shots outside, something was not ok. And further testing showed white lines with almost everything with a little bit of contrast. Please look at my example. Is there an explanation for it? Defective lens?
    gr John Crop white contrastlines.jpg
  2. There seems to be no way that the lens could be directly responsible. The lines are clearly due to over-sharpening in the camera.

    Maybe the camera has a different sharpening setting for unknown lenses?

    Try searching the camera menu for anything that's changed, or for any setting that could change the degree of sharpening applied.
  3. I like to keep my shutter speed at 1/125th a second or faster ( I am 75 & "shake" !). The XC 16-50mm lens of my Fuji XE-1 & both of my converted Minolta MD lens show these "contrast" lines when I "bump" up the ISO setting into the 2000 & beyond ranges. A quick test of high ISO settings might give you the answer. Aloha, Bill
  4. Try to deactivate chromatic abberation correction on body.

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