Whirring noise when Noblex drum is touched?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by crowdspotting, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    This question is specifically about my Noblex 135U, but it could apply to the
    medium format versions of the Noblex (150/175 series) as well.

    I searched for a forum where I felt this question would fit, but there isn't
    one, really. I knew, though, that in this forum I'd find advanced shooters who
    were familiar with swing-lens cameras.

    The issue: have a Noblex 135U, which I recently acquired second-hand. I am
    trying to determine if the following behavior is part of its normal operation.

    When the camera power is "on," and I touch the lens cover/drum with my finger,
    I hear a whirring noise of a motor.

    Specifically, while facing the front of the camera, if I put my finger on the
    aperture dial and push the drum gently to the left (towards the shutter speed
    dial), I hear a whirring sound. The noise stops when I release my finger.

    Before owning one, I have rented the Noblex 135U from a local camera store, and
    I don't remember hearing this noise. Is this noise supposed to occur during
    normal operation?

    You may be thinking, "don't push on the drum, and it won't make the noise!"
    However, it happens every time I change the aperture - and this just doesn't
    seem normal.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. I too have rented one, and did not experience this noise. Better get some film in it and test it before it's too late to return it. I'd prob return it anyway.....
  3. I have a 135 Noblex and it does not make a whirring sound. It does occasionally behave strangely, but it always stops after switching it off and on again. The drum can be rotated manually, for example to replace filters in front of the lens, but I don't remember hearing motor sound then. It certainly does not make any sound when changing aperture or shifting the lens.

    I would try to take out the batteries, then replace them and turn the camera on and see if it still behaves badly.
  4. Thanks for the input.

    Besides the problem of the noise when the drum is moved manually, the camera works perfectly, and I am very happy with its performance, except for the occassional quirkiness referenced by Ilkka.

    However, the whirring sound now concerns me, as it clearly isn't the way the camera operates normally. Guess I'll send it in for service. :-(

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  6. The drum problem is common but can be repaired. Like any mechanical problem it's best not to push any camera that isn't operating properly.
    You will find a great article for Noblex problems and repairs at:
    You will also find a PDF of the Noblex 150/175 manual at:
    (be warned it's a 24Mb file but it's the original manual!)

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