Which would you choose as 2nd body - 201F or 2003FCW?

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  1. Happy New Year everyone. I guess this falls into the 'tell me I am right to spend the money this way' category.

    I'm considering a second body to my 203FE (which recently decided to rid itself of an internal light seal, oh well). In an ideal world I'd buy a second 203FE but they are more than I wish to spend right now since I need to service the 203FE.

    I have the option to buy a 201F from 1995 which was used in a photo studio and is a bit scruffy looking but has been looked at by a Hasselblad tech. It's 600 Euro.

    The alternative is a 2003FCW from 1989 which is cosmetically in very nice and comes from a private collection. The price is 400 Euro.

    As for lenses, I have the 80 CFE that came with my 203FE, an old 50 C, a 40 CFE and a 350 Tele-Tessar FE.

    My instinct tells me that the 201F is the better buy because even if it's a bit scruffy it's been serviced and is a newer model. Is my logic correct?

    Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Philip,

    I would go with the 201F body mainly because everything BUT The Rear Curtain Assembly is available IF needed for any repairs.
    I was informed over last Summer that no rear curtain assembly are available Worldwide form Hasselblad.

    The 2003FCW were made in small quantity before the 205TCC, 202FA, & 201F were introduced. The 2003FCW was the last of the 2000 generational bodies.
    I have NOT handled one, but understand due to low quantity manufactured, most of the internal components are not common.

    The 2000FCW is the predecessor of the 201F with the exception of its titanium rear shutter curtain.
    All internal components of the 2000 series: Electronic circuit boards & rear curtain curtain assembly are no longer available.

    Hasselblad would not service any of the 2000 series nor will they repair it.

    For the 200 series bodies, all components are available EXCEPT for the Rear Curtain Assembly

    Use that as a guide for any future purchase.

    I submitted to hasselblad Bron USA a 3rd Party Master Repairman whom can service (CLA) t
    he 2000 series and replace the rear titanium curtain with a New rubberized silk curtain.

    He has NO ELECTRONIC SPare parts for the 2000/200 series, as he has no outlet to purchase them from hasselblad.

    YET he can repair the rear curtains for both the 2000/200 series bodies provided the electronic are all good & working.
  3. I have a 205TCC, which is very flexible, but my other bodies are 500 series. Must your backup camera be a 200 series? Only one of your lenses requires a focal plane shutter, and CF lenses are more widely available. My top picks would be a 501C or 555ELD. The latter is motorized, which is heavy and somewhat noisy, but well suited for studio work and electronically compatible with digital backs. Since the shutter is electric, you can use a remote of any length. I have a 2 meter and 10 meter cable. The 555ELD is my go-to camera,, especially for digital.

    I did not list the 503CW, which has few advantages over the 501C - TTL flash sensor and optional motor drive. My 205TCC has a flash sensor, but I find the Auto feature in the flash to be more accurate, and useful on any body. (I have a Q-flash with an Hasselblad adapter.)

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