Which wedding photographers to you aspire to?

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  1. I'm soon to be running a wedding photography course in which I will start by showing the group some work by great inspirational wedding photographers. Although I have my own personal favourites, the style of photography that I like may not be to everyone's tastes. So I'm keen to hear which wedding photographers you really admire. Perhaps you like a photographer who does the vintage thing really well, or perhaps much more classic or is really out there and doing something completely new and contemporary.
    Perhaps this thread could become something of an inspiration list. Excuse me if such a thing already exists, I'm new here :)
    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Kind of a subjective question asking on a wedding photographers forum many may select themselves.
    My favorite isn't myself it's Sabin Gratz www.sabingratz.com , even if he shoots the brand opposite of me :)
  3. Gary Fong inspires me. The guy's made a million selling lampshades as flash diffusers.
  4. I seldom look at wedding photographers. I look at work of people like Helmut Newton, Skrebneski, Giles Bensimon,
    Antonin Kratochvil, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz and Lois Greenfield, to name a few. I'm not really interested in
    wedding photographers.
  5. Mรคtt, it is subjective indeed and that really is the point of me asking. I don't want to flood my students with one style.
    Patrick, thanks. You made me laugh too :)
    Dave, very good point. Thanks.
  6. http://jeffascough.com
  7. I first became aware of Kratochvil in 1986, there was a feature article on him in American Photo. I was immediately
    inspired by his pictures, his interview and his vision. I would say it changed how I think about or see photographs, very
    powerful. If this link will work, this is a great little video of him.

  8. Interesting Dave...not interested in wedding photographers....but here you are in the wedding forum.
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    People can be in whatever forum they like, there are no "rules" for getting in.
  10. Andy, check out Jose Villa, Leo Patrone, Jonathan Canlas, Elizabeth Messina, Leah Mccormick and Riccis Vallederes
  11. Andy,
    I also draw my inspiration chiefly from other genres. I spend a lot of time looking at the Magnum VII photographers.
    In the weddings genre however, I like the work of Mr Ascough (see above), Cliff Mautner, Vinicius Matos and Peter Karasev.

    I came across http://www.junebugweddings.com a while back; there are some great wedding photographers there, from all over the world. It's well worth a look if you're looking specifically for wedding photographers.
  12. Thank you all very much, some really great stuff here. I personally really like Leo Patrone. Thanks again.
  13. I was just being very straight up. I have admired the work of
    people like Andy Marcus and Bambi Cantrell?, I was
    fleetingly interested in Denis Reggie, met him twice while
    doing PPA things here in NJ. I very much admire classic
    masters like Rocky Gunn, I worked with one of his touring
    colleagues for several years who taught me how to shoot
    bridal fashions, he was a master himself. I also covered
    many weddings between 1986 and 1999 before I even
    signed on to PNet. Back in the early 90s I shot bridal
    fashion layouts at various venues while some of the
    designers and dress makers themselves were there. They
    will definitely tell you how to show they're dress. All that
    said, and maybe you better understand my position, I am
    just not overly interested in looking at other wedding
    photographers for inspiration, I draw the fundimentals of
    lighting, body form, composition and edge from other
    sources. For example to look at how Helmut Newton could
    deal with the female form clothed and unclothed is
    fantastic, you see the prowess he had in seeing how to
    present the female shape without that awkwardness that's
    present in so many typical bridal photos. Kratochvil's edge
    and documentary abilities, it makes little difference if he's
    shooting fashion, war or human interest, the power and that
    unique edge is there. That's the kind of stuff that inspires
  14. Jonathan Canlas is WONDERFUL and I had the awesome opportunity to model for him when he had his FIND workshop in Seattle. Definitely check his stuff out. I love seeing some new names I hadn't seen before!
  15. Oh I meant to add: check out Fer Juaristi. He's rad, too. And Catherine Abegg. I wanted her to do my wedding, but, alas, I couldn't budget for it.
  16. Jeff Ascough... his persistent growth from Medium format, his amazing work with Leica M bodies, and now a Canon digital convert. His work is consistent and a joy to try and pick apart the light and shadows.
    He's a teacher and flat out brutally honest in his advice on the perils of being a wedding photographer.
    Remarkably, after all of these years and the accolades he's earned, I read an interview somewhere on his website in which he mentioned advertising was his bread winner, and weddings only recently. This astounded me... Maybe he'll come along and correct me...
    Marc Willams... a teacher, a great photographer, remarkable consistentcy in his work no matter the format or system handed to him.
    Avedon and Arnold Newman are others that marvel and study...
  17. I don't aspire to any wedding photographers. I don't browse their websites, and I don't wish to be like them or have my photos look like theirs.
    I became a photographer because I liked being creative and wanted to make stunning photographs that other people enjoyed viewing.
    I'm not saying it's not nice to see other photographers wedding photos. I enjoy my share when I see them here or there. But the only wedding photographer I aspire to be like is myself, and to constantly push myself outside of my comfort zone by learning new things and trying new poses, etc.
  18. Jerry Ghioni is an award winning wedding photographer from down under. I attended one of his seminars a number of years ago and it changed the way I do weddings. He is an amazing artist and teacher. His approach to wedding photography leaves his clients happy. His mix of fashion and documentary styles is truly inspirational.
    The photography is from a wedding I did a number of years ago after attending Jerry's seminar. It's Jerry's approach during the wedding that helps people relax which helps create great photos and makes the client happy with the results.
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    Nice shot, John!
    Jerry Ghionis, is indeed a world renowned Wedding Photographer and it was good that you pointed to that fact and also great (for you) that you attended one of his workshops.
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    Marc Willams... a teacher, a great photographer, remarkable consistentcy in his work no matter the format or system handed to him.​
    And a very valued member here, too.

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