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Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by brent_bennett, May 22, 2011.

  1. I am thinking of purchasing a Sony A-580. I would like to know what vinitage Minolta lenses would have the highest resolution and contrast. I will most likely be looking for a 35mm focal length.
    Thank You
  2. Find a 35/2. It's exactly what you're looking for. They are hard to find, though...and will run $400-600.
    However, if you're looking for the same FOV as 35mm on film, you'll need a 24mm lens. The Minolta 24/2.8 isn't that good unless it's stopped down. The best one these days is the CZ 24/2.
  3. Check out the lens reviews and specs in dyxum.com, at 35mm focal length both the Minolta f2 and f1.4 are highly rated but the latter will set you back more than the proce of an a580. Some other well regarded primes in that or similar focal length are Sigma's 30 f1.4 or the very wallet-friendly Sony SAM 35 f1.8 and 30 f2.8 macro
  4. Macros generally have the highest resolution & contrast, so the 50/3.5, 50/2.8 & 100/2.8 would probably fit in there and likely within budget too. But if 35mm is what you want, I think the 30/2.8 Paul mentions and uses would do well for you. Other than that, just any lens made in the last 5 years will have very high resolution and contrast, unless you buy the cheapest of the cheap, and even then the contrast will likely be very high.

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