Which vendor's license do I need (Ohio)?

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  1. Ok, so I know that I need a vendor's license but I am so confused as to which one I need!
    I've tried calling the number listed on the government website, which just takes me to an automated system (I tried to go through it, after 45 minutes of pushing buttons I gave up), I've asked an accountant who just sent me to the government website and told me to guess and pick the best one..
    I do mainly wedding and senior photography and do not have a set place of business but travel all over.
    So, for all of you photographers, which one would I need?
    (taken from the government website);
    Service Vendor
    Person or business that provides automatic data processing, computer services and electronic information services; telecommunications service; lawn care and landscaping services; private investigation, security services, building maintenance and janitorial services, employment placing services, employment services, exterminating services, satellite broadcasting services and snow removal services. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation and valid throughout the state.
    Transient Vendor
    Retailer who transports stock(s) of goods to temporary places of business in order to make sales. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation and valid throughout the state.
    Delivery Vendor
    Retailer who maintains no store, showroom, or similar place of business where merchandise is offered for sale, or who has no location where merchandise displayed in catalogs may be selected or picked up by customers. The license is issued by the Department of Taxation and valid throughout the state.
  2. I have a studio in my home in Ohio and I shoot outside my studio at other locations. I was told I should get just the Vendor:
    "Each person with a fixed place of business in Ohio from which taxable sales are made. Vendors must have one license for each fixed place of business. License is issued by the County Auditor."
    Also, when I called the State of Ohio Sales Tax people I was told (and no, I didn't get the persons name like I should have) the photography business is one of those strange businesses in Ohio that doesn't need to charge sales tax for the shoot. Just on anything tangible that is sold from the shoot. In my situation, I charge for the shoot but include prints in the cost. I was told I needed to pay the tax on the prints that I deliver. I also sell prints online but that's handled by a company that is out of state so I'm not delivering anything, the out of state company is. Clients can also order more prints from my studio at a little cheaper rate. For those, I need to charge sales tax since I'm delivering a tangible product.
  3. I don't have a home studio though, so is it still a fixed place of business? I travel all across the state and don't have one set place which is why I thought I wouldn't get just a 'vendors license' but one of the other options.
    I also read that the service was supposed to be taxable unless no sales resulted from the service.
    Thanks for the help
  4. I asked that also (3 times) and was told that in Ohio, the only thing taxable (sales) for a photography business is the sale of tangible products. No sales tax required for the shoot fee.
    You might still try and call again. I know when I called I didn't have to wait at all. Got someone right away.
    Good luck

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