Which upgrade would you do?

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  1. Ignoring that I am an amateur and ignoring what kind of photos I take and that knowing that I don't really need to upgrade but want to upgrade. :)
    On a purely technical merit level kind of basis would you upgrade a 7D to a 7D Mark II or a 5D Mark III.
    I hadn't even though of upgrading anything until I found out about the 7D Mark II a few weeks ago.
    But then I thought I'd always wanted to go to full frame maybe this is a good time finally.
    The price of course is significant. But either way if I just sell my 7D to upgrade to the 7D Mark II or my 7D with two EF-S lenses to upgrade to the 5D Mark III, my out of pocket expenses will be approximately the same.
    I think I can get a decent price for my 7D still at this time. If I wait longer it may not be so.
    The one thing holding me back is the possibility of the 5D Mark IV getting released within a year of my getting the 5D Mark III. Of course I imagine it will be even more expensive so I may not be able to get it anyway.
    Anyway what would you do.
  2. I would upgrade my 7D to the 7D II.
    I bought my original 7D over 5.5 years ago and it still works perfectly well. I have zero investment in EF-S lenses, so that aspect doesn't (and never will) sway me either way.
    If I "need" full frame I shoot 135 Ektar with the EOS 3.
    I don't view the 5D III as an upgrade path at all to a 7D II. The 7D II is beyond the 5D III, IMNSHO.
    Good luck on a tough decision; all are perfectly fine tools for photography.
  3. It seems to me to depend on how much you want to spend and whether you want full frame. As you seem to say you don't need to upgrade, I would take the cheaper option and get the 7DII - you need to change nothing you have already and it will be a useful upgrade. The 5DIII is considerably more expensive, and bigger and has no better AF than the 7DII, and you will have to sell your EFS lenses. Any new full frame camera is bound to be in the $3500+ mark, unless Canon wise up and reduce the price this time around, but I doubt that will happen.
  4. I don't see why one would upgrade a 7d unless it were a move to full frame. Otherwise, what's the use? Is the 7d limiting
    you in any way? I don't like the 7d line, I think we need a cheap full frame more than an expensive APS-C, but from the
    moment one has one, one might as well keep it. It's hard for me not to see the 7d2 as just an attempt to keep the 7d line
    relevant after the 70d made the *0d line relevant.
  5. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    But either way if I just sell my 7D to upgrade to the 7D Mark II or my 7D with two EF-S lenses to upgrade to the 5D Mark III, my out of pocket expenses will be approximately the same.
    Maybe your ‘out of pocket expenses’ will be the same, but there will still be two major differences, depending upon what option you choose:
    Option 7DMkII, you will have two extra lenses which you can use.
    Option 5DMkIII, you will have two fewer lenses than present; and your FoV compass of your lens cache will have changed.
    Anyway what would you do.​
    I’d want to know all the lenses that I owned before making the choice.
    It’s a camera kit, not just a camera body; and that consideration goes directly to addressing aspects of “technical merit”.
  6. IF
    you have the wherewithal
    no spouse or approval of your spouse
    you should "upgrade" -
    but either path to do so has its advantages. Since you've asked, if it were me, I would go for the 7Dii. If I went for a 5Diii, then I'd keep the 7D for the APS-C format, if at all possible. Have you considered getting a 5Dii for the "full frame" and keeping your 7D if that's more affordable.
    I personally shoot with a 50D and a 5Dii and couldn't improve anything seriously by getting new cameras.
    On the other hand, I really, really HAD TO HAVE a fancy computer that I rationally did not need.
    Sometimes, you just need an "upgrade" because you want an upgrade.
  7. If you can't say how you'll use the body, then we can't chose between the 5D MkIII and the 7D MkII for you. They're very different cameras.
    If you mainly shoot portrait, travel, street and landscape, along with a bit of wildlife and sports, then the 5D3 is probably best, when matched with the right lenses. If your concentration is in sports, wildlife or birds, then the 7D2 is the only way to go.
    If I assume that you have all the lenses that you need and they work for you with the 7D, then get the 7D2. The 5D MkIII is unlikely to be a superior body for you, particularly when you consider having to potentially replace some lenses.
  8. Unless you specify what you shoot, there isn't an answer. Do you print large? Do you do 1:1 macro? Do you shoot wildlife? Sports? Do you shoot a lot in low light? Do you do serious hiking with your equipment? these are the sorts of questions that determine whether a crop sensor or a FF is the better choice. And I say that as someone who has both.
    The honest answer is that for a lot of people, shooting under a lot of circumstances, it will make no substantial difference at all. Then again, for many purposes and under a lot of circumstances, you won't see a difference from your 7D either. It all depends on what you use it for.
  9. If it were me, I'd buy the nicest toy that pickles mah pickle. It's all about having fun, enjoying your hobby and, compared to most of my friend's hobbies--sailboats, motorcycles and mistresses--a new 7D2 or 5D3 is almost free.
  10. Alright thanks guys. I was trying to avoid the same type of "what should I upgrade to" threads.
    But I guess that's unavoidable.
    Since some asked what I have:
    I have:
    EF-S 17-55 f2.8
    EF-S 10-22
    Ef 70-200 f2.8 Mk II
    EF 50 f1.8 (off course)
    I am not as talented as many of you here, but I do know my basics and take some reasonably good pictures. I am not a hard core BIF guy except maybe if I travel and the opportunity presents itself. So I am just a family guy taking family pictures. I don't make any money from the gear.
    I don't need a very fast frame rate. If I got the 5D3 it would be with the 24-105 f4 kit lens.
    I should be able to figure it out myself. I don't understand why sometimes a decision like this becomes so complicated.
  11. Oh and just wanted to mention that I've never felt anything lacking for me with the 7D.
    It's not stopping me from anything.
    Just got the itch to upgrade when I heard about the 7D Mark II.
    I do like to extend myself sometimes so I do take pictures in all conditions like low light. So the better performance in this case of the 5D3 or the 7D2 would be good I suppose.
    Also I am not a Photoshop guy so no PP for me. That's why the in camera HDR of the newer bodies seems inviting to me.
  12. It is called "Canon accusation syndrome" , only Canon1DX can help you.
  13. Get the 7D MkII. You'll gain nothing with the 5D MkIII. I own the 5D3, the 7D and have a 7D2 pre-ordered. Your lenses are oriented toward a crop sensor.
  14. Get the 7D2, with a 5D3, and your current plan to get one, you will be loosing substantial FOV range.
    w/ a 7D2, you will continue to have a 16mm - 320mm (FF Fov) effective range.
    w/ a 5D3, and your proposed upgrade path, you will curtail your effective range to 50mm - 200mm.
    This will severely negatively impact 'undifferentiated general purpose shooting'. While perhaps not so much at the long end, the loss of the wide end (completely!) will hurt.
    Currently, your diagonal range of field of view is ~107 deg --> ~8 deg. From that, you would choose to go to a range of ~47 deg --> 12.5 deg ? youch! as I said, the loss of ~4.5 deg at the long end isn't a huge deal unless you (as you've said you don't particularly) do a lot of tight wildlife, and BIF and such. the loss of 60 deg (!) at the wide end though is a huge deal breaker (to me) - and will severally impact your ability to shoot even an average family outing.
    I should say though that you really haven't given any good rational reason for upgrading. If you do so, it's purely for the sake of having the latest greatest toy. As Puppy face said, that may be worth it to you, but personally I won't spend good money on something that won't tangibly improve my shooting experience - which seems to be the case here.
  15. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    EOS 7D MkII is the better choice for you.
  16. If you can't say how you'll use the body, then we can't chose between the 5D MkIII and the 7D MkII for you. They're very different cameras.​
    I should be able to figure it out myself. I don't understand why sometimes a decision like this becomes so complicated.​
    It often isn't as complicated as you think. Start by making a list of what is lacking, and/or what you think is lacking, with your current equipment and the results you are getting. This may help you to see things more clearly.
    Also, ask yourself if you really need to upgrade now. Maybe waiting six months, or a year will bring new insight into where you want to take your photography, and what you want to do, and that may make the choice of body more clear. And, there's always the hope for something even newer, or at a lower price...
    There's always the option to rent a body for a weekend or a week to test it out. That may help you as well.
  17. +1 What Puppy Face and JDM said.
    If you really want something nothing rational will stop you. Did this with a couple of new lenses, "get both, then sell the less-preferred on ebay at only a small loss.."....Of course now 5 years later I still have the 70-200 lens and the 200 2.8 tele lens...I tried to help you, go ahead and hit that shopping cart.
  18. Get the 7D Mark II. Early reports suggest you can shoot @ 1600 ISO with very little noise....this will help with your low
    light shooting. The current 7D's IQ starts to degrade above 800 ISO...so a significant improvement.
    If you only do BIF occasionally....you'll likely need all the AF help you can get. The 7D Mark II's AF is amazing
    (fast/accurate). I shoot BIF a lot and often fight with my 7D's AI Servo issues tracking fast moving subjects. The 7D Mark
    II's sophisticated AF will vastly improve AI Servo tracking.
  19. +5 (Puppy, JDM, W T and David)
    Get the 7d mark II. You got the lenses, you got the money: splash it all out on the 7d mark II. You've worked enough years with the 7D to either 1) bump into the limits of the APC or 2) know what you really want to photograph and specialize your gear.
    You didn't experience any of those two, which seems fair because the 7D is a beautiful beast of a camera. So wanna upgrade, go forth and be happy. If you're willing to spent some more, you could buy a Sigma DP Merrill camera for the sheer enjoyment of expierencing something entirely different ;-)
  20. Ken Papai, that a cool shot!

    I can only give my opinion on the 5D 111. It's a great camera. I also have a few 1ds Mk111's and I sure like
    how light the weight is on the 5D. As for the photo quality I think the 5D 111 is very forgiving when you are NOT
    set to the manual modes. The auto modes are fun to play with, such as the auto ISO's. Unlike the 1ds mk3 the 5D 111 is really a lot of fun.

    Right now I'm using the 5d 111 the most. I REALLY like having the dual cards to write on.

    I would also consider getting the very latest model thats out.
  21. 1Ds MkIII body. Solid as a tank. Cost is now reasonabe. Excellent image quality.
  22. I'm in a similar position. I wanted to upgrade my 7D but
    decided at full price of the 7D2 and resale value of the
    original it didn't make much sense with what is only
    incremental benefit for my use. I decided it would be
    much more practical and rewarding to take this time to
    own my first FF DSLR. I have only the EF-S 10-22mm & 15-
    85mm (and love them both), and a good range of EF lenses
    topping out with the 70-300mm L. I'm holding out for
    possible holiday sales on a 6D and 24-105mm kit. I will
    keep my 7D and eventually upgrade it, as I do need both
    the longer reach and AF. To prepare for my transition I
    have just purchased a 16-35mm f/4 L and will sell the

    This may be an option for you as well. If you don't need
    the AF and other features of the 5Diii the 6D is a
    fantastic value and with Black Friday looming the 6D kit
    may be almost the same as a 7Dii upgrade.

    Yeah OK, I spent a lot of time justifying my move, it
    may not work for you. :) I thought it would be cool to
    have the best of both worlds and the two complement each
    other well I think, so that's what I'm going with.

    Good luck to you!
  23. Upgrade-itis. Going from the 7D to the 7D MKII you will always have that nagging thought what am I missing by not going with the full frame 5D MKIII. Upgrade to the 5D MKIII and you will put that upgrade-itis to bed, at least until the 5D MK IV comes out. Or just start saving for the 1DXMKII because you know that is what you really want. :)
  24. Great resurrection Mark!

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