Which tripod leg, Velbon 630A or 540A?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by dennis_tam, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I have telephoto lens for shooting on sports and birds.
    The total weight of gears (camera body/lens/TC_converter) is about 3.0Kg/6.6 lbs.
    My current HAKUBA aluminum HAKUBA light weight tripod doesn't seem capable of handling it.

    Velbon is the brand name I am interested at now based on the balance between price and quality.

    The head I decided to pick was PHD61Q.


    Now I am considering two tripod legs:

    1) Velbon 630A (supports up to 6Kg/13.2lbs)


    2) Velbon 540A (supports up to 4Kg/8.8lbs)


    On paper, either one is a good fit and it looks like a matter of redundancy to me.

    Each one has pro/con:
    630A has 2kg more supporting weight but it's heavier (1.5Kg), longer folding length(56.9cm), and asks for $15 more in price
    540A is cheaper, lighter(1.2Kg), shorter folding length (41.5cm), but supports only up to 4Kg.

    For me, the supporting weight is more important since outdoor environment like windy day can ruin my bird shooting.

    With my camera gear weight, does the 2Kg supporting weight advantage of 630A make it look more appealing?


  2. IMO you should take the weight ratings with a pinch of salt.Although a tripod might support 4Kg, the question is what weight can it support and remain stable. IMO you would do better to buy equipment rated at twice the maximum weight you will use.
  3. I use the 540 for backpacking and for that purpose it is a fine tripod. It is well built, relatively stable, small, and light.

    However, I would generally only use it for situations in which some weight/bulk savings is necessary. Otherwise I would
    prefer (and use) a larger and heavier tripod, especially if shooting long lenses for subjects like birds.

    Summary: The 540 is a fine set of tripod legs, but may not be appropriate for your use.

  4. OK. Thanks for the valuable comments from both of you.
    Based on what you said, 630 looks more favorable to me now despite some drawback.


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