Which SLR can I buy with my current lenses

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  1. Hello photo.net community. I am asking this question on behalf of my dad who is a fan of photography. For years now he's had a Nikon F65 with 2 lenses : AF Nikkor 70-300mm and a AF nikkor 28-80mm.
    For a while now we have been thinking about buying a Nikon SLR camera but one that we can use our current lenses on as they are quite pricey.
    Can you guys suggest us a model we can buy (Body only if possible) that is compatible with our lenses, any help is greatly appreciated.
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  2. What is your budget?
  3. Always a good place to start
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    AF Nikkor 70-300mm and a AF nikkor 28-80mm.
    Without exact details, I assume those two are AF-D lenses without an AF motor inside the lens? If so, none of the current lower-end DSLRs such as the D3000 series (including D3100, D3200, and D3300) and the D5000 series can auto focus with those lenses.
    It would be great to know what your dad's budget is for this camera he has in mind. And it is better if you can post an image of those lenses so that we know for sure which versions they are.
    My suggestion is that he should forget about those two lenses and get a new system with new DX lenses that probably meets his current needs best. Most likely, those two are consumer lenses from 20 years ago and it is not worthwhile to compromise on a new camera body for those two old lenses.
  5. Our budget is up to £800 but that can be flexible. There is no rush when to buy, we can always save a bit longer if it goes over the £800, but off course we are looking for the best possible camera at the best price.
    Also the lenses do have an AF motor inside them, hope that helps. I don't know many technical terms to do with cameras so try to keep them simple for me haha.
    One more thing, I remember a friend of ours telling that the D90 or D95 model (not too sure exactly) would work with our lenses.
    Again, thanks for your help.
  6. You should stick with a full frame camera vs DX (smaller viewfinder, smaller image frame/sensor size) IMHO - consider a D600 or if you can afford it a D610. I would keep/use the lenses you currently have only if they are in fact AF-S lenses - If they are AF-D lenses, you should upgrade them, which you could do within your budget by selling those and going with a DX camera like the D90, although I would recommend a used D7000 over any other DX body - for the price used, it is an exceptional value!
  7. Also the lenses do have an AF motor inside them, hope that helps.​
    I don't think so. I think these are screwdrive lenses. That will limit your choices to Nikon bodies that have in-camera focus motors.
  8. I suggest a used Nikon D7000. It's within your budget and is a solid camera. It's a lower to middle priced model similar to the F65. Your lenses will work on it. Instead of body only, I think you'd be ahead to buy a D7000 with a small Nikon 18-55mm VR lens. Those are a good lens and don't cost very much. You should be able to find both well under your budget.
    Kent in SD
  9. More than likely these are the same 28-80/3.3-5.6 G and 70-300 4-5.6 G lenses that I got as a kit with my F65 years ago. To the best of my knowledge, Nikon never made an AF-S 28-80. While neither lens is particularly bad, as least in my opinion, both have been eclipsed by newer versions. I actually still own both of these lenses and still use them occasionally. The 28-80 is quite decent really. If I'm correct about which lenses you have, none of the 3000 series or 5000 series cameras will autofocus with those lenses (or D40/D60 for that matter, but they've both been out of production for a while) . You'll need at least a d90, d300, d7000/7100 or any of the FX bodies. With your budget, you can get a decent DX body with at least one 18-xx kit lens. Maybe even with a two lens kit, depending on which body you choose. That's probably your best option.
  10. They are the 35mm film versions of 18-55 and 550-200, which worth less than $150 in total.
    I suggest simply choose the camera you like without worrying very much about these two lenses.
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    Without an image or the exact specs for those two lenses, most likely they are low-end consumer lenses from two decades ago. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a DSLR body in order to "save" those two lenses.
    The OP's father is much better off essentially starting from scratch. If he wants a Nikon digital SLR, the D7000 would be a good candidate. In the US, it is now $700: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/735002-REG/Nikon_25468_D7000_DSLR_Camera_Body.html
    The D7000 happens to work with those two lenses, but with the crop factor, etc., he is better off with some kit lens such as the 18-140, etc.
    The OP could potentially look into a Canon set up or some mirrorless camera. Again, I would simply ignore the fact that his dad has those two old lenses.

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