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  1. Hi everyone.
    Today I own a BlackRapid Rs-7. I love the concept, but think this strap make the camera dingle "hang loose" to much and find my self always holding it. I have also read a lot of threads about the strap failing and the camera dropping?!?!?
    So, which strap do you reccomend? Been looking at the Carry speed, what do you think?
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    Which sling strap? Mine own.
    Take a look at my DIY strap and sensor cleaner.
    Its a ARCA-SWISS style head off an old ballhead. The eye bolt can swivel freely
    and is held by lock-tite and a nylon locking nut on the other side. The steel ring
    is a one piece welded unit. The webbing is 1 7/8 inch seat belt webbing. Steel
    buckles allow infinite adjustment. I will never (ever!) trust my gear to some
    strap made with inferior metals or plastic buckles. Thats just me. I'm sure
    they are strong but I just wont dangle a D600 and 80-200 F2.8 lens off any old
    strap. Just my opinion.
  3. Thank you August.
    I bought this: http://www.carryspeed.com/products/fs-slim-camera-sling-strap-with-f-1-foldable-mounting-plate
    Looks must more reliable than the Rs-7.
    Anyway, is there a way to double hook this ? So like if the ballhead fails, there is another connector that holds the camera?

    I have seen people making some kind of cabin hook.
    The Acra swiss plate on this strap is AWESOME, hope it works with my Benro head.
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    Hmmm. Not really sure how you could attach a secondary strap. I would have to examine the
    plate. It might be possible. For their website though it doesnt look
    like there is much room to work with once you slide the plate onto the ballhead. As far as ballheads failing. I guess thats possible. I'm using two Arca Swiss ballheads. One is the original black monoball
    and the other is a B1 ballhead. I trust both more than any other type. I wasted lots of time (and a bit of money) buying and then selling ballheads that I didnt like.
  5. I have the RS-7, and I've never had any troubles carrying a gripped Canon 7D with two batteries, and a 100-400 L zoom (more than 6 lbs, if you're counting...). Both the camera and lens have QR plates on them. Yes, it can sway a bit, but that is usually easily handled (sorry...), and not a huge problem. I ended up with most of the accessories that BR sells for the RS-7, including the extender (makes it longer for tall/wide folk), the underarm strap, and two of the buckle protectors (they go over the QR buckles on the strap to prevent accidental release, and the resultant crash to the ground...).
    The biggest issue for any of the strap systems is how you take care of the gear. Any of them can have the strap fray or break, or stitching/buckle come undone, etc. You have to inspect your gear regularly for any of these problems, especially when dangling several thousand dollars in gear off of them! I almost had a disaster with my setup early on when I didn't properly tighten one of the BR rings onto my lens! Fortunately, I caught the loose tripod socket fitting before the camera with lens could depart the strap!
    Regarding the Carry Speed, I like the plate - mostly. I'm not terribly convinced by the swivel "ballhead" as the main thing holding it all together. It reminds me of a cheap keyring. I'd much rather just have a 1/4-20 threaded hole for a tripod socket stud, and a locking carabiner like the BR uses.
    I'm also not very convinced that one should be entrusting all one's gear to a neoprene strap. Sure it'll last for a few years, but if sunlight and other airborne chemicals get to it, it will deteriorate far, far, faster than the nylon the BR and others are made of. I bought an OP/TECH "sling" strap to try it out, but it was way too short (on me) for one, and I wasn't happy with the big chunk of neoprene. So, it now holds my 10x50 binoculars, and it's still too short for me...
    Overall, I can't seem to see anything that would indicate the Carry Speed was "much more reliable" than a Black Rapid. As reliable, perhaps, but that's about as far as I'd go without handling and testing one.
  6. I have a Carry Speed as well, it has several mounting holes on the bottom of the plate - I screw in a small d-ring and attach a loop wrist
    strap to the swivel attachment of the sling as a safety. That said, the plate has never worked loose from the body. It is comfortable with a
    d4 and 70-200 vrii.
  7. Hello all,

    I have recently been considering alternatives for straps. Unfortunately my Carry Speed strap failed earlier this year, causing my camera to fall to the ground, seriously damaging a Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens. The problem occurred where the stainless steel pin came out of the connector. On investigation, the metal in the connector was too soft, and had been deformed by the much harder pin. When the pin was tilted, it easily popped out of the connector.

    Thankfully my lens was insured, but after some months of communication with Carry Speed, I have not been offered any acceptable explanation. The lesson learned is that we put so much faith in our camera straps, often not thinking about the many thousands of dollars hanging off the end. I no doubt am now considering my options.

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