which RF camera to chose? Minolta or konica

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  1. I can chose one (only one) of the following RF cameras
    Konica SIII
    Konica AUTO S
    Konica AUTO S2
    Minolta Hi Matic 7s
    Minolta Hi Matic 9
    Please, help me.
    I will use it only with B&W film
    Thanks in advance
  2. In my experience, the Minolta has a slightly better lens and is generally longer-lived. But with a camera of 40 years old, condition and availability are everything.
  3. Of those, I have repaired and used the AUTO S2, Hi Matic 7s, and Hi Matic 9.
    They are all good, but I much prefer the S2. I like the ergonomics, and also the somewhat simpler design, which I think makes it more reliable, and easier to maintain and repair, if necessary.
  4. It's the Minolta 7s ll that you want.
  5. When the S2 and the 7S were current models, I decided to buy the . . . Minolta!
  6. Of the ones you listed:
    Konica Auto S2
  7. I wish I had any of these ! But understand the discipline.. Good Luck!
  8. I have chosen for myself, both the Konica Auto S2 and Minolta HiMatic 9.
    Comparing those two -
    Konica ----
    legendary lens, it's slightly sharper than the Minolta (IMHO) 45mm 1.8
    nice focusing knob on lens
    aperture readout in viewfinder and on top deck (handy). I find this simpler than the then common EV meter readout, but it's a personal choice. (See EV for Minolta)
    CdS cell is on lens so filter is OK
    ASA 25-400
    cold shoe only
    EV 1.7 - 17 (The Konica is a lot better for low light than the Minolta. For outdoors in the sun, it's a toss up).
    Rangefinder spot is a nice sized rectangle.
    Minolta ----
    very nice lens, 45mm 1.7
    smaller focusing 'bump'
    EV readout in viewfinder, nicely placed, but not on top deck. EV is read and then you need to set aperture and shutter speed to correlate to EV.
    ASA 25 - 800
    hot shoe and Minolta's Flashmatic capability
    CdS cell is on lens so filter is OK
    EV 5.5 - 17
    Rangefinder spot is a diamond shape. Minolta's viewfinder is very slightly brighter than the Konica.
    My 2 cents.
    Jim M
  9. I would go with Hi Matic 9.
    Hi Matic 7sII is nice, small but 7s and 9 are rock-solid and have much better rangefinder.
  10. I would choose the Konica Auto S2 in a heartbeat. The lens on this camera is nothing short of phenomenal, and it's a durable camera that will last a long time.
  11. I also prefer shooting with the Auto S2, but I've had a couple now with bad meters. I've had fewer problems with the Minolta 7S. For B&W, I don't know if there's a real difference between the lenses. The Konica might be slightly lower-contrast.
  12. Konica Auto S2.
  13. Condition might mean more than you think. I had a 7 and a 7s (Minolta). The 7s was in worse shape and didn't take good
    pictures. The 7 had a great lens and worked great, but was bulkier. You might need service on whatever you buy to get
    the most out of it. Don't overlook the Minolta clones of the Leica screwmounts either.
  14. Minolta and Konica were/are quality manufacturers of 35mm RF cameras and for hand-held shooting, you might be hard pressed to distinguish between them.
    As was pointed out by an earlier contributor, these cameras are forty years old now and some were treated more kindly than others. Condition is everything - buy the camera that is in the best shape. You want a camera that will be reliable in the field - a spectacular lens is worth little if the something else on the camera is broken and you can't make exposures. I gave up on Russian cameras for this reason.
    In this vein, if you find a really mint camera with a gummy shutter, you may want to consider buying it (at a price that reflects that it isn't ready for use when the seller gives it to you) and have the shutter cleaned.
  15. I vote for the Konica Auto S2. Great for B&W.
    Great lens, simple to operate, quiet.
    Built like a tank. Just love it.
    I have 3 :)
  16. I had near 20 years a konica T3n with some hexanons lenses. Wanderful set 24, 28s, 50s, 85, 135s and 200s. Excelent.
    More near in the time (and now) I have a rokkor set in my nex 3: 28, 45, 50s, 100, 135 and 300 IF. Excelent too.
    Before the konica I hjad Leica M 3 with 28, 35s, 50s, 90s and 135. Without words.
    I want to return to 35 film (XP2 super).
    Yashicas 35 are high cost here.
    My personal taste is the Konica (SIII or S2). And the famous of the Minolta 7 or 9 did doubt me.
    Thanks for all, guys. For your time and your words.
    Conditions will be my north to look for.
  17. Minolta CLE, and then put a Summicron on the front of it.

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