Which print roll film for scanning?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by kevin_lee|2, Dec 25, 2002.

  1. Hi I've been using & scanning B&W 120 roll films for a while now with
    an epson 2450 flatbed scanner... Now ive decided to venture into the
    realms of color, but to keep with my monochromatic preference, I'd
    like a color print film that is low in contrast and easy to scan (for
    a scanner of moderate abilities such as epson 2450)...



    Thanks, merry xmas and happy new year everyone!
  2. The Kodak Portra film was designed for scanning.
  3. I think you are on the right track with the so-called "wedding films."
    Also give Konica Impressa and the 160 Professional a try. It may be
    worth investigating comparative resolution. For flatbed scanning,
    film grain does seem to matter-the only exception I've found so far is
    that Agfapan 400 B&W scans beautifully-although 300 or less would be a
    realistic speed for that film. Here's an example with Fuji NPS (go to
    the color tutorial):

    GOOD LUCK.......
  4. Kevin, I have the 2450 and both of the films you mention work well with the scanner. If you ever use slide film try Astia.

  5. Almost any film will work well if you set up a profile for it!
  6. Portra is by far the best scanning color neg film I've used.
  7. Is the Portra NC and the VC comparable in their scanning properties? Any experience with the new UC?

  8. All portra film is suposed to scan the same, thats what is was designed for!

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