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  1. Is there a Pentax 35mm SLR model out there that has the following
    Spot metering<br>
    DOF preview<br>
    Mirror lock-up<br>
    I am guessing no, but thought I would post anyways.<br>
    If no model has these 4 features, which ones have the spot metering
  2. The *ist and MZ-S have all the above except mirror lock-up.
  3. From what I know, PZ-1p and MZ-S have mirror lock-up with two second delay and all the other features.
  4. The MZ-S has mirror lock up if you use the self-timer. Works great.
  5. I have the *ist 35mm, and it has all that. Three metering modes (matrix, center-weighted, spot), DOF preview, MLU by using timer delay, and selectable 11 point AF.
  6. Does the MZ-5n have MLU? I think it has the others.

  7. The MZ-5n should have all of these, except MLU. Not sure about
    DOF-preview though. Personally, I have a MZ-5, which lacks DOF
    preview, MLU and exposure locking (which you probably would like to
    have as well). For the rest, these cameras are a joy to work with,
    the interface is brilliantly straightforward, manuals are definitely
    not needed.
  8. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    The MZ-5n has everything you noted save the mirror lockup.
  9. i have the MZ-S, the MZ-5n, and the LX.
    the MZ-S has all the functions except the mirror locks up automatically using the 2 second self timer delay. i prefer this to traditional mirror lock up because it becomes two functions within one action. otherwise you'd have to do the mirror lock up and the self timer separately. another thing to note is that when i did a vibration test between these three cameras using an FA100mm f/2.8 1:1 macro, i found:

    -the LX had the most vibration without MLU and very little with MLU

    -the MZ-5n had very little vibration... a tiny bit more than the LX with the MLU activated. (there is no MLU on the MZ-5n)

    -the MZ-S had extremely low levels of vibration even without the MLU. with the MLU, the difference was hardly noticable because there was no vibration to begin with.

    the MZ-5n lacks the mirror lock up. but because of its low weight, it had more of a vibrating tendancy than the MZ-S. i use the MZ-S with the battery grip and it makes it more solid.

    the LX is an amazing camera even with just having center weighted metering. because of its IDM (OTF) metering system and extreme sensitivity to light (-6 EV), it has excellent metering results... especially in low light situations.

    i love both my MZ-S and LX like crazy. if i had to choose between the two, i wouldnt be able to.

    hope this helps.
  10. I apologize for going off topic but Asim's coments about the LX made me wish to offer this caution. I used LX cameras at home and work from the time they were introduced and hoped they would get a digital back. For Pentax it obviously made more sense to modify the ist for digital use. I purchased one when they were introduced. Its a wonderfull point and shoot but the lack of a suitable viewfinder prevents me from recomending it. If you are using 35mm and thinking about digital, buy or borrow a cheap little camera with an eyelevel viewfinder untill you decide it is comfortable. D.D.
  11. hi don,

    are you sure youre not mixing the LX with another camera? the LX is a serious professional camera of its time. its far from a point and shoot. also, the LX has an eye level viewfinder, and an excellent one as well. the viewfinder it comes with is a split image screen with 97/93% coverage and a magnification of 0.9. additionally, it is the only pentax camera that has interchangeable viewfinders. are you sure you aren't only using the waistlevel or angle finder? you know you can always purchase an eye level finder used in great condition.... not cheap though. which reminds me, the viewfinder of the LX is much bigger than the MZ-S. :)

  12. For the sake of argument, I have & use P67, P645, MZS & ZX-5n. NONE have "mirror
    lock-up" technically. The P67 mirror CAN "pre-fire" and raise the mirror prior to
    shutter release and/or make the the process as 2 seperate steps. The MZS and ZX-5n
    can do the same IF you choose to use the self-timer. I do the same 2 step exposures
    with my old Konica SLRs . The MZS & ZX-5n offer spot metering as well as other
    choices and are robust, full-featured bodies. The P67II with TTL meter and the P645
    series can do spot metering.The P67 series is nix on auto-focus and the P645N & NII
    and MZS & ZX-5n are autofocus bodies. Yes they have DOF preview too. One thing to
    remember, all P67 & P645 lenses fit the 35mm bodies with the Pentax precision

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