Which paper for headshots?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by durr3, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. I shot 60 young actors headshots for a local play with a Canon 20D.
    I have an Epson 2200 printer. The director wants black and white 8 x
    10's. Which paper would look the best for theatrical headshots?
    Glossy or matte? Just looking for opinion.
  2. Theatrical headshots are almost always glossy. You might be able to use a Lustre paper, but even that may stand out amongst the glossies.
  3. Hi Durr, The Epson 2200 isn't exactly famous for 1) Printing well with Epson's Premium Glossy Paper and 2) Neutral B&W prints. You might want to try Epson's Semi-Gloss paper and look at something like Quad Tone Rip to produce neutral B&W prints on the 2200. Good luck!
  4. THANKS Beau. I will try some semigloss and try the RIP again. Regards, Durr
  5. Use Ilford Pearl Semi-Gloss paper, it has an excellent finish and responds well to Epson
    inks. Producing neutral B/W prints is always easier with a RIP, but these are typically
    costly. I use Imageprint6 with excellent results on a wide-range of papers on the 2200/
  6. durr...

    i have been a casting director in new york for almost 20 years and i shoot actor's and
    model's headshots and portfolios from my photography business. i haven't seen a glossy
    headshot in over ten years. the best paper i have found is ilford gallerie smooth pearl
    paper. also, the going style is to place a 6x9 image with a black border, either straight or
    ragged, on 8x10 paper. the trend is to go a bit more on the fashion style, cut of heads,
    off-center subjects, landscape and portrait orientation. while b&w has been the standard
    for years, color headshots are becaoming more popular every day. fyi, most repro houses
    don't want prints to scan any longer. they prefer images to be hi-res jpeg or tiff files,
    depending on the house.

  7. Sounds like David's is the voice of more authority on this stuff. I'm a little surprised by the 6x9-on-a-full-page look, but if that's what people are using, that's what they're using...
  8. Keep in mind if you should choose to use Ilford paper that you should use the Gallerie Smooth line rather than the Gallerie Classic line as those are tuned to work with pigment inks.
  9. My thanks to all of you for your advise and helpful thoughts. I will let you know how it turns out.

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