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  1. I've been struggling with a creating a WordPress blog for the past couple of days. Their instructions have a lot to be desired which is quite evident by their forum posts. In fact, in changing something major concerning by blog, three choices were given but only two explanations. (How does that work?) So, now I'm thinking about going to a CSS style sheet for a magazine style blog to be hosted thru my own domain. To that end I'm looking for authoring software, which many page layout programs have, but I'm not looking to spend the bank on this. I would love to go with Pagemaker 7 or Quark if I had the money but I don't' so I'm looking for hints. I need to include pictures obviously, and a WYSIWYG working method is preferred over hand coding although I know I'll have to make tweaks.
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    I've created a number of blogs using WordPress and never had a problem. Doing a blog manually with a CSS template, which I have also done, is a real pain. Maybe you need to look through the WordPress setup a little deeper.
  3. Personally, I would find a Wordpress theme that is close to what you want and then modify it to suit your needs. This is far easier than creating one from scratch.
    The best way to do this, I found, is to install the Firebug plugin for Firefox (I believe Chrome has some similar developer tools built in) which lets you view the CSS in a visual way; it shows a HTML hierarchy view and selecting a div or other HTML tag highlights that element in the main browser view. It also shows the the styles that tag uses, along with the line number in the CSS file, which makes finding the relevant code for editing a breeze.
    I'm sure I've made that sound more complicated that it is! Try it, it's very easy to see what you need to edit to alter the theme.

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