Which model Agfa?

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  1. I picked this up Tuesday and haven't been able to pin it down. It is sort of like a Standard, at least vintage wise, but has some differences. It is 6x9 and takes 120 film or, aparently, sheet film holders. The lens is a 10.5cm Agfa Helostar Doppel-Anastigmat and has both rise and shift. The lens, a dialyt, is as clean as a whistle. There is a nifty little level and the swing-over waist level finder is clear and bright. The old dial set Compur is accurate at slow speeds and one stop slow at high speeds. The pressure plate component of the back can slide out to be replaced, I assume, by a sheet holder. I just finished cleaning it up and it will see film tomorrow.
  2. And here is the back:
  3. Hi, Chauncey Nice-looking classic AGFA folder, mate! Could it be a 'Nitor'? It certainly has some resemblances to the 'Standard' reel folder models, but they didn't have dual reel/plate capacity AFAIK. Also, they usually have that helical focussing system that's often stuck solid thanks to the well-known Grease Gummitis problem. The 'Nitor' seems to have been the only dual-format model they made, so even though I've never seen one, I'll stick with that until somebody comes up with something better.
  4. You've nailed it, Pete! Thanks. It is much easier to find information when you have a name to look for. Too bad it is not the Nitor Luxus. That's a really sharp looker. Of course, I probably wouldn't have gotten it in a case for $15;-). Anyway, one of the last of my rolls of VP is in it now and if I hadn't been shoveling snow all day, I would have burned some silver. Pictures forthcoming.
  5. Hi, Chauncey Well, it was a bit of a stab in the dark to label it a 'Nitor', but it did appear to be the only early AGFA model that met your description and pics. Interestingly, it's apparently one of the few AGFA models that had direct heritage to the Rietzschel Co which AGFA took over in 1925.
    That may (or may not) be one reason you haven't mentioned any problems with stuck or stiff controls, ie the usual AGFA bugbear. Maybe AGFA acquired sufficient stocks of Rietzschel's non-sticking grease to keep them going for a couple of years, as part of the take-over deal ...... Certainly by the time they were making Standards (or at least mine) they had moved over to the dreaded Bayer green stuff. I've got two Standard 6.5 X 9 cm and one 9 X 12 cm plate cams, and one 6.5 X 11 cm D6 reel folder. Three out of the four have totally stuck helix focussing, which have so far defied all sorts of attempts to free them up (sigh).
    Grease aspects aside, it'll be interesting to see how your prints turn out, in view of that other AGFA problem of pin-holed bellows. I tend to suspect early bellows (ie, pre WW2) are more resiliant than the post-WW2 ones because they were made of quality leather, and not the cheaper artificial stuff used later. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ............... (Pete In Perth)
  6. Pete, I checked the bellows out before I loaded the film (been there, done that!) and they were fine. Actually, I have a feeling they have been replaced at some point. I shot the roll of VP yesterday and developed it today. Hopefull I can get them printed tomorrow, scanned and posted. I was planning to shoot from a monopod but I couldn't find an 3/8 to 1/4 adapter for the camera or a 1/4 to 3/8 adapter for the monopod, so I shot from the hand at 100 at f/12.5. The negs looked OK when I took them from the wash. I think I now know where the adapters are so I'll be able to use the monopod next time. Unfortunately, in folding the camera back up I managed to get the frame off the track so that will be my immediate project.
  7. Gotta say, that's one nice camera.
  8. Not only does it look nice, but you ought to see the negs. I put them on the light table under the microscope and that is some lens. There is a quirk of a little extra exposure just along the left end of the images and the image was overlapping the edge markings on one side. I'll have to watch it when I load it again check and see if there is a reflective right edge in the camera. I didn't manage to get to printing them today but did manage to get the lens frame back on the track. The way it is constructed I have no idea how I managed to accidentally get it off but I can certainly say it was not fun getting it back on. I used the wire frame for most of the shots and it was reasonably accurate center wise but the image includes more subject, probably due to my glasses. I had taken two shots before I realized that the removable back must be "upside" down and it was showing the 645 numbers instead of the 6x9. Just started using the even numbers at that point and was OK. I will try to slip the back out and turn it over - there is a slight difference in alignment between the two sets of numbers.

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