Which Lens to bring on W.Caribbean cruise from NOLA

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  1. Hello all, My wife and I will be spending a couple of days in New Orleans prior ships departure . This cruise will visit Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. The cruise will be a week long with three days in New Orleans total.. My question is what lenses to bring my concern is to pack light but, have versatility to achieve great street, landscape and scenic images.
    Here are my 1st choice of lenses: 24-105 f4L, (all purpose) 17-40 f4L,(wide angle) & 85 f1.8, (for low light).
    choice #2 70-200 f2.8 L ii, (all purpose,but heavy) 17-40 f4L (wide angle) and the nifty fifty.
    I will be bringing the 5DMiii body with whichever lenses make the cut...
    Thanks in advance
    Arthur J.
  2. So what's your question? Why not take all? If you normally use all, you'll use all on a trip.
  3. SCL


    With the objective of going light, and spending time enjoying myself on the trip instead of seeing everything thru a lens, I'd choose the 24-105 f4L and nothing else.
  4. Hmmm, take what you would normally take when you travel. The 24-105, 50 and the 70-200 zoom would do. I'd probably also take a 1.4 extender. Much depends on what your fave lens is....WA, 85, etc....you should know this by now. Nonetheless, enjoy the trip.
  5. You have to decide if it's a photo trip or a vacation you want to document. Years back I did a 2 week Alaskan trip and faced the same dilemma. After some soul searching I concluded it was more a vacation than photo trip and bought a Canon S3-IS and left all the heavy hardware at home.
    Never regretted that decision for a second. The small camera went with me everywhere whereas if I had a 30 pound bag of gear it would not have - or if it was it would have been inconvenient.
  6. Why is light an objective? If you're not a professional photographer that needs a break from photography, why wouldn't you want to document your journey, doing things that you may never do again, and enjoy it for years after. I almost always make a vanity, coffee table size book of the highest quality that I know how to do. My wife and travel companions say that they love the books.
    Each person must answer this for themselves. Is photography a joy for you and others compliment your work and devour your books and online albums? If yes, then why wouldn't you want to document your special trips as well as you possibly can.
    If not, then the 24-105mm will be all you need. If you're never going to print larger than 11x14", then one of the G-series will do. That raises the question of why you would buy a 5D3, but that's another thread.
  7. The whole point of a cruise (well, one point anyhow) is that you are based. That means you only have to tote equipment for a single excursion from the ship at any one time.
    Accordingly, traveling light doesn't much come into it. Take the whole rig and a smaller bag for the smaller kits you use on any given day.
  8. I'd take the whole rig but (for me) I would probably end up just using my M1 and 50mm 1.8 and 22mm f/2 pancake lens. (like I do for Caribbean cruising)
  9. I would probably not bother with the 85/1.8. Otherwise, as others say, I'd take the lot. The 70-200mm is a heavy lens in the heat, so I suspect most of the time you will be using the 24-105mm. In fact you could probably get away with that for most, or all of your shots. I went on a cruise last year and took 16-35mm, 24-70, and 70-300mm.
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    Ha, faced the same question in years past. On one cruise, I took my 24-105 and the 17-40 but missed having something longer. Last cruise, I ended up buying a Canon SX50, 12mp and has an effective optical zoom of close to 1200mm! Didn't miss a thing and was able to carry it everywhere (tours of the Acropolis, etc.) Far lighter than a 7D and two L series lenses. Only thing extra might be a monopod and case for the camera.
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    One other thought, on European trips where I carried the 7D, I have bought 28-300mm lenses from Tamron, used them for a week and then sold them on eBay when I returned for a little less than what I paid, sort of like renting them I suppose. Sure, I'd love to have one from Canon but can't justify the cost for travel photos. And yes, we also do the bound photo books for each trip.
  12. Keith, he owns a 5D3 and appropriate lenses, why would he want a 7D and a Tamron lens? That'd be a HUGE step backwards.
  13. Hello All, Thanks for all the great input and providing food for thought. The 5D3, 70-200(F2.8), 1.4 ext, 24-105(F4) 430 EX II, and tripod.. my usual arsenal. We will be spending 2 days in NOLA prior departing my plan is to do some street shooting, in between beers and tall iced umbrella drinks.
    I will post pics upon return....once again many thanks!
    Arthur J.
  14. Good plan, Arthur. Looking forward to see your results.
  15. I pack my 6D, a 24-70L F2.8, Tamron 70-200 f/28, 17-40L f/4, a Sigma 50mm f/1.4, 3 batteries, charger and a bag of SD cards, a Sony HD Handy-cam in one side of my Samsonite Carry on, pack sox and T's around it. Shirts and pants on the other side. I lined the inside of the Samsonite carry on with 1 inch thick foam. You can pack more than enough for 10 days with all your lenses. I found I used to pack too much clothes. All I really ever need was a couple nice dress shirts, 3 pair of pants, sox, boxer briefs, 3 casual shirts and I do laundry once a week. Keep it light.
    I also have a larger Samsonite checked bag that I put two 23 inch LED monitors in because I work remotely at various locations. I foam lined these too, and pack some dress shirts. Southwest checked bag is free, American it is about $45 extra, keep the weight under 50LBs. If I didn't need two 23inch monitors I wouldn't need a checked bag.
    I also have a small personal Item laptop bag that I have my laptop and a Galaxy Tab A. I have flown back and forth North America several times, done month long stays working. More than enough room to take all the lenses you mentioned for 10 days in a carry on alone. I keep the cameras, lenses and computers with batteries as carry on only. TSA will confiscate batteries if found on checked bags. Just a heads up if ever flying. No problem on carry on. I say take'm all, just my opinion. If I am doing this on a plane, a cruise should be smooth sailing. Enjoy your trip.
  16. Mark Keefer and David Stehens Thanks, for your reply and we shall enjoy this trip..
    Arthur J.

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