Which Lens Hood for 28mm AI-S?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by spanky, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    When I decided to look into a lens hood for my 28mm F2.8 AI-S I was unprepared for the enormous amount of part
    numbers and styles. After a Google search, it appears that I have two choices...HN-2 and HR-6. Any others I may
    have missed? Any generic ones that will work as well? I suppose I'd like a metal screw in type (52mm) but at this
    point I just don't want to pick up the wrong kind and have to drive clear across town to return it.
    Thanks for info,

  2. I use the HN-2 which was originally designed for the 28mm f3.5, but it works fine and serves it's purpose very well. I use the hood mainly as a form of protection as I find that I shoot into the sun very often anyway, so the hood doesn't help much. The 28mm also looks very similar to my 35mm so I put the hood on the 28mm to distinguish them.
  3. Your Nikon choices in metal/thread-mount are the HN-1 and HN-2. The '1' is a tad more shallow. No big difference, really, between the two. I suggest metal for protection.
  4. Nikon hoods are all explained here. Investing in a small ground glass screen (or making one from transparent plastic) to check for vignetting at the film plane is essential if you wish to use third-party hoods. In my experience, many circular Nikon hoods are significantly wider than needs- be unless using very thick (or stacked) filters, and some lenses really do benefit from deeper hoods than Nikon suggest. AC
  5. The 52mm metal straight tube ones from B&H will do the best job on a crop sensor camera like D200. I use them
    on 24/35/28/50 lenses for my D200. Adoramas also work but flare a little wider then go straight. The lenses are
    AI-S and AI and I also have a set of AF same focal lengths.

    If you use a D3, D700, or film, these probably will vignette.

    The 28 AI-S that focuses to .2 meter is a fantastic lens. One of my favorites. The AF is just so so as is the one
    that focuses to .3 meter. I love the fact there is virtually no distortion.
  6. "Nikon hoods are all explained here."

    I found the following site is more comprehensive, listing alternative hoods if you can't find the proper hood:

  7. Vincent is right - Photosynthesis is a much better resource (I couldn't find the link at work). AC
  8. I stopped by Samys today in LA and they had the HN-2 so that's what I'll try out. Thanks again.

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