Which lens for this 8x10?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by tom_cheshire, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I'm restoring an 8x10 Century studio camera. The big wooden kind with movements only on the back. I don't have the wood table/cart it is supposed to sit on so, if anyone has a tip where to find one, let me know.
    Ok, I have a bunch of barrel lenses but am wondering which one(s) to keep for this camera. I have a 15" Apo-Raptar f9, a 15" Paragon Process f9 (lots of fine cleaning scratches), A trio of Staeble lenses (150/210/300) taken from a huge machine I bought at a printing company, a NuArc JML 12" f10 Process, a Taylor Hobson 8-1/4" f4.5 1:1 copy lens, and a Kodak Anastigmat 21-1/4" f11. By the way, the shutter is a big Packard barn-door.
    I'm thinking the Apo-Raptar and the Staebels. The only use I intend is portraits and, maybe, limited landscapes or street scenes of buildings (I'll accomplish the "rise" by putting the camera on the roof of the car).
  2. #1 choice would be a 14 or 15", which in your case is the Apo-Raptar (always assuming all the lenses are in equally good condition and deliver the image quality you want in terms of being coated or uncoated). The Paragon, Staeble, NuArc and TH lenses are unlikely to cover 8x10 at infinity - the Paragon might but movements would be limited. The Kodak is a useful alternative, being longer.

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